Meet 29th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 29th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 29th September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 29th September 2023 episode starts with Sumeet coming to the embassy while the officer welcomes her.

However, Bilawal's men act as the sweeper and listen to their conversation while Sumeet gets suspicious of her.

Sumeet escapes Bilawal's spy

She lies that she is there just to give him the prasad and stands up as she goes and gives the prasad to the spy.

Sumeet notices that the sweeper is none other than the constable who was at Bilawal's house.

She walks away while wondering what to do now that she cannot talk to the embassy officer.

Further, Bilawal gets information about Sumeet coming to the embassy in the middle of the night and gets suspicious of her while telling the constables that he won't rest until he finds Shlok's dead body.

Meanwhile, Sumeet comes to the hideout and tries to convince Adil that they are good people and unties him to feed him.

However, Adil pushes her and tries to escape but Shlok comes there just then and slaps him back inside the house.

They tie him up and decide that he is not going to listen to them while Shlok notices the wound on her hand.

He tells her how Bilawal has sent spies after her and how he is refusing to believe that the dead body is of Shlok.

Sumeet tells him to not even lie about such things and makes him fill her hairline with vermillion.

Naaz shouts for Sumeet just then and Shlok hides while Sumeet hides her hairline with a dupatta and her hair.

Shlok hides from Naaz

She comments on how Pakistanis come to form friendships at night only.

Naaz tells her how she is the one who formed enmity between them by trying to kidnap Adil and leaves after giving her photos she took of the Pandal.

Back in India, Raj brings the house vegetable ration and new clothes for the family members telling them to let him be the son of the house.

Pankhudi gets jealous seeing the outfit Raj got for Priyanka while Dadi talks about how Sumeet and Shlok also used to take care of the family's likes and dislikes.

Raj tells them that he misses his sister too and talks about how he would not even let her go to picnics alone when they were children.

They all feel happy as they pray that Sumeet returns home and brings Shlok and Akki with her.

Pankhudi thinks to herself that the expensive dress that Priyanka got should have been hers.

Raj takes Priyanka aside and tells her to try on his dress for him as she agrees and goes to change outfits.

As she is changing outfits, someone tries to click pictures of her but their phone's battery gets dead just then.

She comes out and Raj admires her while someone looks at them from afar.

Naaz to get revenge on Sumeet

In Pakistan, Bilawal tells his men to send the dead body to Sumeet so that she grieves while Naaz comes there and informs him that Sumeet's husband is alive as she scolds the police force.

She tells him how she saw fresh vermillion in Sumeet's hairline and how there were muddy footprints in the room.

Bilawal gets angry while Naaz tells him that he has to think even more cunningly to catch Sumeet's husband.

He is surprised by his sister's thinking skills and asks her what she has in mind while Naaz talks about how she has something in mind that will trap the enemies.

Bilawal tells Naaz that she will be honored for helping catch a spy while Naaz says that she is doing this because Sumeet tried to harm her Adil.

Later, Sumeet is praying to God when the wind breaks the ropes holding the curtains.

Naaz comes there just then and helps her as she apologizes for her behavior earlier and invites her to live in the Bilawal house for a few days.

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