Meet 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Meet 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Meet 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 2nd February 2023 episode starts with Meet watching the video on her phone as Manmeet’s back shows up.

However, the video switches off as the Wifi does not work properly, leaving Meet confused.

Meet proceeds to call SP Bhati for information but Babita takes away her phone and tells her not to use it while Mehendi ceremony is going on.

Meet gets worried about what is going on in Sarkar Mahal and hopes that SP Bhaati might have caught something from the video.

Meanwhile, Gudwanti prepares Shagun for the mehendi ceremony while scolding her for doing something that she was not allowed.

Gudwanti says that she got beaten up by Mahendra because of her mistake and she also got assaulted by Manmeet.

The electricity goes out and Gudwanti asks Shagun to switch on her mobile’s flashlight so that they can light a candle.

Shagun searches for her phone and recalls that she left it at the Ahlawat mansion while she went there which makes her shiver in horror.

As Gudwanti gets to know about the mobile, she asks Shagun to pray that no one finds that as everything will go haywire due to that phone.

Shagun asks Gudwanti if they should tell everything to Manmeet but Gudwanti refuses to do so as the marriage will break off this time.

At the same time, Babita prepares the gifts they will give to Meet and Manmeet and spots the saree she gave Meet Ahlawat for Meet Hooda to wear.

Meet spots a phone lying on the floor and asks Ishani to bring it to her as she suspects that it belongs to Shagun.

However, the phone does not switch on after Ishani tries and they conclude that it is not in a good condition.

On the other hand, Jashoda and the other ladies dance together at the mehendi ceremony while Shagun tries to convince Manmeet that he forgives her.

Shagun says that she will never repeat such a mistake as Manmeet has already put the stamp of his love on her face earlier.

Manmeet gives an ointment to Shagun and asks her to apply that on her cheek so that no marks are left at the time of the wedding.

Jashoda and Sarkar adore Manmeet and Shagun’s pair and Jashoda tells Sarkar that they have prepared a special thing for him to enjoy.

Narendra’s Molkki appears dressed as Meet and introduces herself as Meet Hooda, who considers men and women equal.

Gudwanti appears dressed as Jashoda and tells that women will always be behind the men and gives Meet the challenge to pick up a heavyweight.

As the Molkki succeeds in doing that, Gudwanti asks her if she can roam around the village without any shirt like her son, Manmeet.

The Molkki denies doing so while everyone laughs and says that women are designed to work in the house and give birth.

Gudwanti smudges black ink on the Molkki’s face and ties her up with a rope, making everyone laugh.

SP Bhaati watches the entire thing and calls Meet to come to the police station immediately as she needs to watch all of this.

Meet somehow convinces Babita to let her go for some time and proceeds to visit the police station.

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