Meet 2nd July 2023 Written Update

Meet 2nd July 2023 Written Update

Meet 2nd July 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 2nd July 2023 episode starts with Meet recalling Shagun’s violent behaviour from the past while Shagun regrets facing Sumeet earlier than she has planned for it might ruin her revenge. 

On the other hand, Sumeet asks Shagun why has she come there and what does she want. 

However, Shagun remains quiet, folds her hand in apology in front of the crowd and leaves. 

Poonam’s hand bring Sumeet out of her shock and she calls Raj, in panic, to inform him about Shagun’s return to the city. 

Raj also remembers everything that Shagun has done to them in the path and anxiously tells Sumeet to come home immediately. 

He assures himself that Shagun will not be able to do anything to Sumeet as long as he is there to protect her. 

Elsewhere, Shagun loses her temper at facing Sumeet before the time when she has strived to stay out of her sight for so long. 

She is afraid that this by chance meeting can upturn all her planning and that too when she is so close to getting her revenge. 

Raunak also expresses his worry about Shagun taking her revenge now that Sumeet has seen her and what if she finds out that she is Abhay’s and his mother. 

He also tells her that Sumeet must have told Raj everything about her meeting with her and he must have started the investigation about her. 

Just then Raj comes there looking grave while Raunak asks him worriedly what he is doing there. 

Raj Changes the Wedding Venue

Raj tells him to step aside and he is here to talk to Mrs Chaudhery. 

In the meantime, Meet tells Poonam that Shagun looked afraid as if she is hiding something and she has to find out everything about Shagun. 

Meanwhile, Raj tells someone posing as Mrs Chaudhry that this wedding cannot take place. 

Shagun wonders if Raj found out about her while Raunak asks him worriedly why is he saying that. 

However, Raj clarifies to him that the wedding cannot take place at the resort because of the old enmity with a woman who has caused a lot of grief for his parents. 

He insults Shagun calling her names to Raunak and tells them that they cannot take risks of any kind. 

Raunak tells him not to worry as his enemies are their enemies too. 

Meanwhile, Raj assures him that he and his sister will make sure that the wretched woman does not succeed in her ambition to hurt them. 

Meanwhile, Shagun furiously tells Raj that this time nothing will stop her from ruining him and Sumeet. 

Raj And Sumeet Recall Meet's Teachings

Later, Raj tells Sumeet, Masoom and Vani that they will have the wedding from home with full security as Shagun will definitely try to create a problem. 

Seeing worry on Sueet’s face, Raj ties a holy thread to her hand to protect her from all problems. 

Sumeet also ties one on Raj’s hand for his protection. 

Meanwhile, Raj reminds Sumeet of their childhood and how they always stood up together to all problems while Sumeet recalls Meet's lesson about staring fear in the eyes so hard that it gets defeated. 

Later, Sumeet asks her friend to find information on Shagun as her brother is a detective thinking that she cannot sit quietly without finding out Shagun’s intentions for the family.

Elsewhere, Shlok and his family admire the photo frame while his uncle tells them that they will present this painting to their daughter-in-law.

Shlok Plans To Expose Raunak

Shlok praises his uncle for the astounding artist that he is and that nothing can beat this gift. 

Meanwhile, Pankhudi and other finds the gift not expensive enough for Abhay and Raunak’s bride. 

Poonam tells them that they can only give the gift as per their budget and this gift has Uncle’s five days of hard work that makes him precious. 

At the same time, Shlok calls Bitti asking her if she got his plan while Bitti assures him that Sumeet will never get married to Raunak. 

Later, the guards stop Shlok from entering the house while Raunak comes there telling him that he is the one who has asked the guard to stop him. 

Meanwhile, Sumeet who is looking for Shagun’s picture watches the whole exchange from the room’s window. 

Shlok sees Sumeet and asks for her help. 

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