Meet 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Meet 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Meet 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 2nd March 2023 episode starts with all the family members welcoming the arrival of Swamiji with great pomp.

Jashodha whispers to Mahindra, saying that she was going to go meet Swamiji, as he was the one who advised how Manmeet could be cured if he remained away from his family for 24 years.

She further explains how the proclamation was proven to be true, as her weak child has now come back as a mighty wrestler and now, she wants to ask how Meet’s chapter could be closed from Manmeet’s life.

Swamiji comes and pays his greetings to the deities in reverence.

Meanwhile, Imarti is pulled to the corner by Narendra, who questions her, asking whose child she is carrying in her womb.

Imarti asks him why he cares and further tells him that the child is her pass to continue staying in the house.

Narendra reminds her that it is Bapu Sarkar whom she is trying to put astray.  

Imarti mocks him by saying that if he is so sincere to Bapu Sarkar, why doesn’t he and Sapna disclose to Bapu Sarkar the truth of the fetus growing in Sapna’s womb?

She hints to him to remain quiet, for he himself has too many secrets to hide.

Sapna brings Narendras’s attention to her words, asking when they are going to leave for the city.

Imarti hears this and makes up her mind, planning arrangements for the money before the doula comes back so that she also declares that she (Imarti) is pregnant, and that too with a son every time she is asked for verification. 

However, she finds herself wrapped in a problem of how she would be arranging such a large amount.

Meanwhile, the priest in the temple informs everyone that he has the offered garlands of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati and whichever couple gets the garland would be blessed to remain together with happiness for a long time.

While every couple in the audience wishes the garland to be thrown at them, Shagun confidently tells Manmeet that today is the day her austerities would bloom with the fruit of the garland being blessed unto them. 

Actually, Shagun has previously bribed the priest responsible for throwing the garland unto the audience.

Amidst this, Meet is tense about how she could get her hands on the factory papers. 

Meanwhile, Sundari avoids going to the temple, giving the excuse of having a fever hands the rest of the amount to Anuja and wishes her the best by hugging her tightly.

Garlands start being thrown on the audience by the priest one after another.

Meet prays to the deities, putting forth her genuine wish to get all the obstacles to be removed which are stopping her from achieving her desire. 

By the Lord’s mercy, the garland actually falls on Meet and Manmeet, entwining their fates together. 

Jashodha and Shagun are utterly shocked seeing this, while Manmeet, confused, stares at Meet, who stares back at him.

The priest requests both of them to worship the Lord together.

Manmeet tries to refuse, but Meet reminds him that his actions could affect his image in front of the whole village, which is observing his each and every action.

Meanwhile, Swamiji informs Jashodha that he foresaw no path where Meet and Manmeet could be separated.

Jashodha desperately requests him for some solution.

Swamiji replies, saying that the only solution is to somehow remove Meet from Sarkar Mahal and warns beforehand that if she manages to stay at Sarkar mahal even for the following night, she would never leave them.

Jashodha is morose but believes Swamiji’s words and both Meet and Manmeet pray to the Lord, confiding their inner desires and praying to the merciful Lord for his divine blessings.

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