Meet 2nd May 2023 Written Update

Meet 2nd May 2023 Written Update

Meet 2nd May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 2nd May 2023 episode starts with Meet worriedly telling Manmeet to stop while he shuts the window.

Shagun's truth gets revealed

Meanwhile, Manmeet keeps lighting all the earthen lamps and tells Shagun that the flame of light is equivalent to the flame of their love.

Further, he holds her face in his hands and tells her that now, they will burn themself in this flame and no one will be able to separate them ever.

Shagun stands there like a statue without uttering a word but then she gets scared as Manmeet gets drenched in kerosene and sets the fire.

She tries to stop him while saying that it's not necessary to die in love but Manmeet tells her firmly that the people in the world won't let them live together.

On the other side, Meet gets so worried and tries to break the door with the rod.

As time passes, every starts getting conscious and runs toward Meet and Meet tells them to help her with opening the door.

Jasodha gets confused while Meet tells her that Manmeet and Shagun are inside and they may hurt themselves.

Sarkar gets shocked and tries hard to open the door while others help him.

Meanwhile, Manmeet hugs Shagun tightly but Shagun starts trembling out of fear.

Manmeet notices Shagun's struggle to leave his hug but he tightens his grip which scares Shagun to death and she pushes Manmeet away from her and starts putting water toward the fire.

Just then, Meet and other family members walk in as the door breaks apart.

Shagun shouts at Manmeet that he can die if he wants to but she is not crazy like Meet Hooda, who can die for love.

At the same time, Sarkar asks her if she can see everything and Shagun gets afraid as she already revealed herself.

Meet starts clapping while saying that the truth can't be hidden for a long time.

Manmeet gets emotional and looks at Shagun while saying that she has made so many promises of their love but she has forgotten everything and disrespected their love.

He says that Meet kept telling him about Shagun's truth but he never believed her.

Manmeet leaves there while saying that he did the right thing to believe Meet and followed her to reveal Shagun's truth.

Everyone gets shocked after hearing that as Manmeet wipes his tears.

Meet and Manmeet's plan

Later, Manmeet tells everyone that Meet called him and told him about Shagun playing a game with everyone.

Further, he scolds Shagun by saying that she stabbed him while pretending to Meet.

Shagun tries to slap Meet but Manmeet stops her while warning that if she tries to hurt Meet, then he will put her in jail.

Jasodha angrily tells Shagun to leave the house and go far away from Manmeet while Sarkar also warns her.

However, Meet suggests that they should break the roots of the problem while mentioning that all of this was Nitin's plan.

After that, Jasodha and Narendra drag Shagun and Nitin out of the Sarkar Mahal respectively.

Meet's new beginning with Manmeet

Later, Jasodha walks Meet inside the house while holding her hand and tells her to start her new life with Manmeet and blesses them with all her heart.

Manmeet and Meet touch Jasodha's feet and then walk toward Sarkar.

However, Sarkar leaves there without saying anything which breaks Manmeet's heart but Jasodha tries to comfort him while saying that one day, Sarkar will also accept their relationship.

Later, in the night, Meet gets worried for Manmeet while Jasodha tries to comfort her.

Just then, Anuja comes and tells Meet that Manmeet is waiting for Lassi.

Meet reaches back yard with a bottle of lassi but she gets shocked after seeing all the decorations and candlelight arrangements in the backyard.

She sees Manmeet walking to her while wearing a nice suit and she asks him if he has worn it for her.

Manmeet bends on his knees and kisses Meet's hand with love while saying that she has accepted him so it is the least that he can do for her.

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