Meet 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Meet 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Meet 2nd October 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 2nd October 2023 episode starts with Bilawal telling Adil that his happiness should be doubled as he is not going to Ajmer alone but with Naaz and that too after reading the Nikah.

Shlok looks at Sumeet and asks Bilawal how will he get married to Naaz without his parents.

Bilawal asks him if he's forgotten the rituals and tells them that they will sign the papers in front of Kaazi and will do the rest of the rituals when his parents return.

Shlok agrees to Nikkah

He even offers to call Adil's parents but Shlok stops him reminding him of the time difference between Pakistan and the USA.

Bilawal nods considering Shlok's agreement to the Nikah and gives Naaz's hand into Shlok's making her his responsibility.

Back in India, Raj fights with the men for Priyanka while Masoom comes there and stops him telling him that Priyanka fully knows what videos she has made.

Both Raj and Priyanka get confused while Masoom shows them the video of Priyanka showering.

Raj shouts that the video is morphed while Priyanka runs away feeling ashamed.

Raj tells Masoom how this will break the family while Masoom tells him that Priyanka is not fit to be his wife.

Hearing this, Pankhudi smirks as she has been spying on them from afar and has watched all the drama.

At the Bilawal mansion, Naaz tells Bilawal how Sumeet is convincing her to go to Ajmer Shekh since she wants to take her terrorist husband back to India.

She promises Bilawal to capture Sumeet's husband and bring him to Bilawal.

Just then, the spy comes there and informs Bilawal that Sumeet has gone to the back storage room and that there is someone with her there.

In the storage room, Shlok tells Sumeet that he cannot marry Naaz to get out and says that he is going to reveal everything to Naaz.

However, Sumeet stops him telling him that she has seen the same hatred in Naaz's eyes as her brother, and tells him to just give her time.

He nods while Sumeet hides him behind the cupboard seeing Bilawal.

Bilawal points a gun at Sumeet!

Bilawal opens the door and tells Sumeet that she should have thought before bringing that man to his house.

Before he can reach her, she throws the chair to the ground distracting him as Shlok escapes.

Bilawal finds no one and questions Sumeet while she states that she did not come there to answer his questions.

He points his gun at her in anger and she forces him to pull the trigger while Shlok comes there and tries to take the gun away telling Bilawal to not make any rash decision.

Bilawal asks Sumeet if her husband was the one who came there while Sumeet tells him to be worried if it was her husband who came since he came to Bilawal's house right under his nose.

He points his gun at her again and Shlok takes him away as Bilawal promises to kill Sumeet's husband in front of her and then dice her to pieces.

At home, Poonam drops the holt Prasad and she gets worried thinking that her Shlok and Sumeet are in danger while Dadi tries to calm her.

Priyanka rushes inside and locks herself in the door while the family looks on.

Masoom comes there and announces that due to what Priyanka has done, the marriage between her and Raj is canceled shocking the family once again.

In Pakistan, the Mehendi function is going on as Naaz tells the design to her friend.

They tease her while she talks about how Adil has become her happiness.

Shlok gives the note to Naaz

Sholk on the other hand thinks that he cannot betray Naaz and pulls out the note in which he has written everything with the intention to deliver it to Naaz.

On the other hand, the embassy officer has come at Sumeet's invitation, and she tells the Dhol artists to start playing as notices Bilawal's spies.

Further, she tells the officer how it is important to get her husband and nephew out as they are in danger while the officer tells her to give him 24 hours and leave.

Bilawal has heard everything from behind God's statue and smirks while Shlok goes to talk to Naaz.

However, her friends tell him that he is not allowed to meet Naaz when he shouts to her that he is not Adil.

The friends tease him saying that he is Naaz's to-be-husband and send him away while Naaz takes the letter from Shlok's hand.

Sumeet notices the letter and thinks to herself that Naaz cannot read the letter before they escape.

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