Meet 2nd September 2023 Written Update

Meet 2nd September 2023 Written Update

Meet 2nd September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 2nd September 2023 episode starts with Raunak uttering that he was feigning his madness to Shagun's horror after which he takes out the gorilla costume uncovering Sumeet.

Sumeet wins the game

In a flashback, Sumeet discovers that Shlok's wounds were caused by fake gorilla nails, ultimately tracking the man who had worn the costume.

She then makes the man who was just about to board an auto and gets her hands on the costume.

The crowd and Chowdhury clap for Sumeet on catching Raunak red-handed and Sumeet tells Shagun that the task has been won.

Shagun asks if she has proof after which Shlok comes and shows the video recording of Raunak's confession.

She gets all frustrated while Shlok holds Sumeet's hand which is angrily eyed by Shagun and Raunak.

The other members of Shlok join hands with Sumeet too and tell Shagun that they're one and an evil force like her will never be able to defeat them.

The next morning, Sumeet makes rakhis for Raj and Shlok asks her why's she doing so, since there are so many rakhis in the market.

Shlok's promise

Hearing this, Sumeet mentions that Raj is allergic to synthetic and Shlok asks Sumeet if she loves Raj a lot.

She agrees after which Shlok asks whom she loves the most, him or Raj and Sumeet dismisses it.

However, Shlok bruises her hand in the process of getting the answer and apologises for his impatience. 

Sumeet mentions that her love is equal for both him and Raj and Shlok promises that she'll never have to choose between him and Raj.

Downstairs, Priyanka makes rakhis while from upstairs Shlok tries to see them but Priyanka hides them.

Shlok says that the better the rakhis, the better the gifts gifted and Pankhudi sarcastically adds that poor people can't give much.

She adds that Raj will decorate Sumeet with luxuries to which Priyanka tells her that money isn't everything.

Sumeet comes downstairs and Poonam asks her if she's going to Raj's for rakhi and she agrees. 

Shlok asks Sumeet to go inside and afterwards insists the Chowdhurys do something so that Sumeet doesn't have to choose between Raj and the Chowdhurys. 

Later, Sumeet seeing Raj hugs him and Raj as a gift, switches on the TV with their childhood videos.

Raj's surprise

This makes Sumeet emotional, she thinks that if the Chowdhurys were there, it'd be so nice and Vaani enters asking if they can begin Rakshabandhan now.

Raj denies stating that he has another surprise for Sumeet and then the Chowdhurys come in.

Meanwhile, Masoom pulls Vaani aside and expresses her disdain for celebrating with the Chowdhurys. 

Vaani disconsiders her and walks away to tie rakhi on Raj's hand and Sumeet does so too.

The entire family shares smiles during the ritual and Pankhudi and Priyanka tie rakhi on Shlok's wrist too.

After the ritual, Sumeet demands her gift from Raj who takes Sumeet out to take her to her gift.

Afterwards, Raj gifts Sumeet Meet's bike and asks Shlok to teach her how to ride a bike.

Shlok admits to having taught Sumeet how to do so, to Raj's shock but Sumeet covers it up stating that Shlok meant that he'd teach Sumeet how to ride a bike.

Masoom comes in stating that Raj has another surprise for them and then pulls her into the Ahlawat mansion with the rest of the family following her.

Inside, Masoom shows Sumeet a men's jacket gradually uncovering a solitaire.

Masoom tells Sumeet that Raj has a woman in his mind and Sumeet excitedly asks Raj about the girl.

Raj brushes it off and taking the ring from Masoom, walks away but on his way eyes Priyanka.

Pankhudi follows Raj to let him know about the chats and Priyanka pray silently for Pankhudi to not tell Raj anything. 

Raunak defies Shagun

At Raunak's, Shagun chides Raunak stating that the plan was to make Shlok insane and not to kill him but Raunak tells Shagun to not interfere in his matter and storms out.

Shagun blames Sumeet for Raunak attitude towards her and pledges to defeat Sumeet in the next three tasks.

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