Meet 30th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 30th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 30th August 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 30th August 2023 episode starts with Raunak almost stating the truth of feigning his truth but stops when Shagun comes in.

Shagun intensifies the game

Seeing Shagun, Raunak instantly declares that he's mad and he needs a shock.

Shagun then accuses Sumeet of breaking her game rules following which Raunak is untied from the chair.

She holds Sumeet firmly telling her that she'll punish her by giving an electric shock and Shlok protests.

Shagun again brings up Akki and makes Sumeet sit on the chair with the electric device up her head. 

Raj insists that Shagun not shock Sumeet while Shagun threatens Sumeet with friction of two wires.

However, she doesn't shock Sumeet but instead asks her to win the game without coming near Raunak in twelve hours.

Shlok to be killed

Later, Shlok wonders about how to win the game while Anju and Rajeev add that it's fine if they become Shagun's slaves but what if she harms the children?

Shlok runs out of the entrance to the kitchen wondering how can he win the task.

Unbeknownst to him, Raunak locks the kitchen with gas leaking through the cylinder. 

Raunak then brings out a matchstick and plans to set the kitchen on fire, thus killing Shlok while Poonam tells Sumeet to go to Shlok since she's worried about him.

Sumeet saves Shlok

From a gap, Raunak tries to light off a match while from the other side, Sumeet sees a set of used teacups and moves to the kitchen.

In the meantime, Raunak lights the match and attempts to throw it inside but stops when Sumeet enters.

Sumeet smells gas and puts the pipe in the stove later opening the windows.

She scolds Shlok but at the same time sees broken matchsticks near the window. 

She takes them to Shlok and tells them that Raunak has gotten more dangerous adding that they've to save Akki anyhow.

Sumeet's plan fails

Inside, Sumeet hurts Raunak's ego by telling him that he can never face Shlok and fight with him since he's a loser.

Agitated, Raunak attempts to hurt Sumeet with a vase but stops while Shlok does a recording of Raunak who tells Sumeet that if she has the courage then she should bring out his truth.

In a flash, Raunak then takes a solid and throws it in the direction of Shlok's phone, thus breaking it.

He then tells Sumeet to have fun since the phone is broken plus the proof is gone. 

Afterwards, Raj texts Pankhudi stating that he wants to meet her, and at Chowdhury's, Pankhudi gets elated.

She then chooses her best clothes and Priyanka enters and enquires her about her actions.

Pankhudi says that her life is going to be the best now and requests Priyanka to give her Rs 5000.

Downstairs, Shagun's tailors come in and ask the Chowdhurys to line up since he has to make their slavery uniform. 

The Chowdhurys tell that they don't need such clothes after which the tailor shows them Shagun's video.

In the video, Shagun confidently states the need for the clothes since the Chowdhurys will lose the task.

Shlok gets nightmares of Shagun whipping the Chowdhurys but gradually comes to his senses during the measurement. 

He throws the tailors out by beating them with a stick and the Chowdhurys come to calm him down.

From a corner, Raunak laughs silently at Shlok getting disturbed adding that it's almost time for him to die.

Raunak's next move 

At night, Sumeet falls asleep while tending after Shlok while in the streets, Raunak gives money to a goon to get access to a gorilla.

He places his hands inside a cage aiming to lure the gorilla with the banana but instead gets his hand bitten by the angry gorilla.

The helper then scares the gorilla with a knife and the gorilla goes away while Raunak adds that the gorilla is perfect for killing Shlok.

In the meantime, Sumeet worries about how she can win Shagun's game and save Akki. 

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