Meet 30th January 2023 Written Update

Meet 30th January 2023 Written Update

Meet 30th January 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 30th January 2023 episode starts with Manmeet hiding his hand inside his shirt quickly on seeing Meet and wonders if Meet has spotted his other hand or not.

Meet thinks that what is Manmeet doing outside Sarkar’s house as she is not aware of Manmeet’s other hand.

Both Manmeet and Meet ask each other what are they doing at the back of Sarkaar’s house.

Meet asks Manmeet if he also doubts Sarkaar is up to something and has come here to spy on Sarkar.

Manmeet says that Meet is right and that is the reason he is here to which Meet says that she wonders why Sarkaar wants to marry Shagun secretly.

Manmeet says that now, they have to leave as it is very dangerous for them to stay here.

He then says that they should head home as now it is time to color each other with love.

After some time, Manmeet calls Sarkar and says that he was right about Meet being up to something.

Manmeet says that Meet is like a fox who came to their house in search of truth.

Sarkar says that even though Meet is a girl yet she is a clever and strong player in this game.

Meanwhile, Raj and Babita are decorating the whole house and doing the preparations while Chanda is asking Meet if she is missing Meet Ahlawat to which Meet replies that he is always in her heart.

After a while, Meet goes downstairs while Raj and Babita look at her in awe.

Meet tells Babita that she thought if she wore the dress designed by Babita, then Babita would shower her with praises but instead, she is quiet.

Babita says that she is looking so pretty that she has to protect her from evil eyes to which Manmeet enters and says that Meet will not be saved from his eyes.

Manmeet brings two big plates of gifts (Shagun Ki Thaali) saying one is from himself and the other one is from his dead grandmother.

His grandmother’s gift plate contains a saree, cosmetics, and jewelry while Manmeet’s gift plate for Meet contains a helmet and some screwdrivers, suiting her personality. 

Meet says that she likes Manmeet’s gifts better and Manmeet thinks to himself that she should like it as the other one belongs to Shagun.

Meet still puts her hand over the other plate as well, intending to keep it because it is belongs to Manmeet's grandmother. 

Back at the Sarkar Mahal, Jasodha says to Sundari that Shagun should look flawless as she is going to marry her precious son.

In Sarkar Mahal, Jasodha says that once Meet marries Manmeet, then she will hold her by her hair and treat her like a servant.

After a while, Meghana goes to Sundari and says that she is worried about Meet as Sarkar is playing a huge game against her.

Sundari replies that Meghana should forget everything and remain quiet.

Molki mumbles to Shagun that if Meet puts Haldi (turmeric) on Manmeet first, then it will never come off and will forever be embedded in his destiny.

Shagun replies that she will be the first one to put Haldi on Manmeet.

Meanwhile, Manmeet makes a crying baby laugh before starting his Haldi ceremony after which Meet says that Meet Ahlawat used to do the same, shocking everyone.

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