Meet 30th May 2022 Written Update

Meet 30th May 2022 Written Update

Meet 30th May 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 30th May 2022 episode starts with Meet Ahlawat entering the house with a smirk thinking that Aarav is going reject Meet Hooda.

The Ahlawat family praises Aarav and his good qualities while Raj tells Meet Ahlawat that Aarav should be calling them in a few minutes.

Just then, Meet Hooda comes downstairs and says that Aarav is ready for marriage which shocks Meet Ahlawat.

Raj tells her to give the good news with a smile and tells the family to start the music so that they can celebrate.

Afterward, Meet Hooda dances with the rest family while Meet Ahlawat feels his heart shattering.

Meet Ahlawat tries to talk to Raj but Raj retorts that he got what he wanted.

Meet Ahlawat shouts that that is not what he wanted while Meet Hooda questions him saying what is his problem as Aarav has even accepted her being a police officer.

At night, Meet Hooda is humming while Meet Ahlawat gets annoyed and tells her to not be so happy.

Talking to himself, Meet Ahlawat leaves while Meet Hooda starts feeling dizzy.

Later, Meet Ahlawat walks on the road and cries wondering how he'll live without Meet Hooda.

The next morning, Meet Ahlawat returns home and gets worried to see Aarav's car parked in the front.

He enters the house to see Meet Hooda and the rest of the family dressed in stunning outfits for the engagement ceremony and imagines dancing with her.

Coming back to reality, Meet Ahlawat interrupts the ceremony and questions Meet Hooda if she doesn't see his love for her and confesses to her in front of everyone.

Further, Meet Ahlawat sit beside Meet Hooda and kisses her cheek in front of everyone.

Meet Ahlawat apologizes to Meet Hooda and requests her to take him back while Raj stops Meet Ahlawat and says that it's too late to stop the engagement now.

Meet Ahlawat begs Raj to stop the engagement somehow and keeps apologizing to him saying that he will never underestimate his love for Meet Hooda ever.

Raj makes Meet Ahlawat stand with a smile on his face while Meet Hooda takes his hand and puts it on her belly revealing that she's pregnant.

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