Meet 30th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 30th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 30th September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 30th September 2023 episode starts with Sumeet looking at Naaz telling Sumeet that she understands her pain and offering her hand telling her to live in her home for a few days.

The lady, Rucha shakes her head at Sumeet, and Sumeet reasons that she cannot leave the Pandal but Naaz argues that her home is a close distance from the Pandal.

Sumeet thinks to herself that she knows Naaz wants to keep an eye on her but this is the only way for her to get close to Shlok and she accepts Naaz's offer.

Later, Sumeet packs her bags while Rucha asks her if she won't be in danger at Bilawal's house when her husband is living there in disguise.

Sumeet tells her that she will handle it and requests her to take care of the real Adil while the main organizers come there and scold her.

She tells them that she knows she could not have been able to come to Pakistan without their help and requests them to help her one more time with the promise to take the blame on herself if anything comes out.

Back at Bilawal's house, Adil takes the binoculars from Akki and tries to look but gets interrupted by Bilawal who asks him what he is doing.

Adil makes an excuse while Bilawal's wife points out Naaz's return.

The family is shocked to see Sumeet along with Naaz while Bilawal tells her not to enter the house.

Sumeet states that she came there for someone who is close to her while Naaz brings her inside and tells them that she has brought her hand forward for friendship with Sumeet and invited her to stay with them.

She signals Bilawal who plays along with the act and tells Naaz that she should have asked him first.

Further, Adil tells Naaz she did the right thing by extending her hand for friendship.

Sumeet tells everyone that she has brought Prasad for them but Bilawal refuses to accept it.

Naaz takes Prasad on her behalf while Adil leaves from there.

Back in India, Priyanka goes to shower while Pankhudi smirks thinking that she had to make her video so that she can be humiliated everywhere.

Flashback shows Pankhudi putting her phone inside the bathroom and hiding it before Priyanka goes to shower.

Neelam is putting away the clothes just then when he goes to the kitchen when Raj asks Pankhudi what is happening here.

In Pakistan, Shlok manages to sneak into Sumeet's room and flirts with her while telling her that Naaz has gone to get towels for her.

Sumeet tells him how Bilawal is aware of him being alive which is why he has sent spies after her.

Just then, they hear Akki's shouts and rush to see Bilawal's wife trying to remove the dupatta that has caught on fire.

Shlok throws away the dupatta while Sumeet tries to calm Akki who continues shouting fire which gets noticed by Bilawal.

Naaz takes away her sister-in-law while Sumeet wishes that Bilawal does not get suspicious.

On the other hand, Raj questions Pankhudi and she starts stuttering while coming up with an excuse.

Priyanka comes out of there just then and agrees with Pankhudi stating that the water is leaky.

He leaves as he gets shy seeing her while Priyanka also walks away.

Pankhudi takes her phone from the bathroom and smirks saying that even Raj won't be able to save her once her video gets leaked.

Back in Pakistan, Bilawal's wife talks about how the incident happened while Naaz gets worried seeing the wounds on Shlok's hand.

He tells her that it's okay while Bilawal asks about Akki speaking.

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