Meet 31st August 2022 Written Update

Meet 31st August 2022 Written Update

Meet 31st August 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 31st August 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda going to the room and seeing the almost burning pile of pictures.

She holds a picture of Meet Ahlawat and says that they forgot that in their chaos that Neelam has been tied to their lives now.

Meet Hooda cries as she says that it is their fault that Neelam tried to end her life and thinks to do something about it.

Later, at night, Meet Ahlawat is busy on a business call while Meet Hooda comes there with a basket and a bucket of glue.

She glues the edges of the main door and closes them while Meet Ahlawat notices her.

Meet Hooda tells him that she brought treats for him and forcefeeds him pizza while hiding his phone.

Further, Meet Ahlawat demands Meet Hooda to leave but she tells him that door is not opening.

He also tries to open the door and then looks for his phone while Meet Hooda looks at him amusingly.

Meet Ahlawat accuses Meet Hooda of hiding his phone but she refuses and talks about their past memories together while sitting beside him.

Later, Meet Ahlawat eats the pizza reluctantly and falls asleep while Meet Hooda sees him and sheds tears of happiness.

Meet Hooda uses some chemicals and opens the door after which she leaves stating that she will always love Meet Ahlawat.

At the same time, Barfi Devi sees Meet Hooda leaving Meet Ahlawat's room.

Later, Isha is telling Sunaina about how she misses Deep when the Ahlawat ladies gather to celebrate the Janmashtami.

Meet Hooda comes there and gives gifts to everyone and leaves after taking a selfie with everyone.

The family thinks that Meet Hooda wants to celebrate the festival with Meet Ahlawat.

On the other hand, Barfi Devi confronts Meet Ahlawat about Meet Hooda coming out of his room in the morning and tells him to get the sign on the divorce paper before Raj arrives.

Later, the festival starts and Barfi Devi holds Meet Ahlawat and Neelam's hands together when Meet Hooda also comes there and takes a hold of Meet Ahlawat's hand.

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