Meet 31st August 2023 Written Update

Meet 31st August 2023 Written Update

Meet 31st August 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 31st August 2023 episode starts with Sumeet praying to god to show her the path through which she can bring up Raunak's lie.

Poonam gets concerned about Shlok

Poonam and Akash come in and Poonam asks Sumeet about Shlok.

Sumeet tells Poonam that since Shlok was awake at night, she didn't awaken him.

Poonam then adds that Shlok is getting more disturbed with every passing day stating that he has never been like this before. 

Sumeet then tells Akash and Poonam that she has to tell them something important but is interrupted by Shagun's entry.

Shagun declares that she's going to stay at the Chowdhurys till the task is completed.

Raunak thinks that if Shagun stays at the Chowdhury, he'll not be able to execute the gorilla's plan to kill Shlok.

He tells Shagun to go but Shagun takes him aside and tells him to not be over-smart.

Shagun then orders Pankhudi to give her black coffee but Pankhudi denies it.

She then threatens that if they don't give her black coffee she's going to show them their place real quick.

Poonam then goes to make Shagun's coffee and Shlok and Sumeet go inside.

Sumeet tells Shlok that if Shagun stays in the house, they won't be able to win the game.

Priyanka to stop Pankhudi 

Meanwhile, Pankhudi gets ready to meet Raj and attempts to step out when Priyanka comes in.

Priyanka enquires Pankhudi about her going and Pankhudi lies about going to a party.

She reminds Pankhudi about Myra's vaccination but Pankhudi instead, asks Priyanka to clean up her room.

Pankhudi walks away while Priyanka checks Pankhudi's belongings, getting another phone.

She gets to know about Pankhudi and Raj's meet-up and plans to stop Pankhudi.

Later, Shagun calls out for Shlok and Sumeet to which Raunak tells her that he'll bring them in.

Sumeet's plan

From the doorway, Raunak sees Shlok and Sumeet and Sumeet sees Raunak feign talking to the police about Shagun kidnapping Akki.

Hearing this, Raunak plans to tell it to Shagun while Sumeet and Shlok come out. 

Raunak takes Shagun aside and informs her about Sumeet calling the police and Shagun walks away from the Chowdhury premises. 

Sumeet and Shlok smile in succession while Raunak makes up his mind to kill Shlok.

Meanwhile, Sumeet attempts to check on Raunak but doesn't find him on the bed.

She runs out and finds Raunak in a corner on the phone and hears that he'll be going somewhere.

Sumeet concludes that Raunak is with an evil plan again and then follows him.

Sumeet gets cheated

Outside, Raunak puts his hoodie on and walks with Sumeet following him.

Afterwards, Raunak confesses to misguiding Sumeet by giving the same hoodie to some other person and walks away.

He then calls up fake Raunak and informs him to take Sumeet far away from the house while from the other side, fake Raunak agrees.

On the other hand, Sumeet sees a gorilla while at the Chowdhury's, Raunak picks up Dadi.

Poonam seeing this runs after Raunak while Raunak plans to put Dadi in the gorilla's cage.

She further gets to know from a man that a gorilla has been brought into the society and Poonam goes inside to inform Shlok and Sumeet.

Inside, Poonam informs Shlok about the gorilla and Shlok calls up Sumeet asking her where she is.

From the streets, Sumeet admits to following Raunak while from the Chowdhurys, Poonam states that Raunak is at the house itself.

Sumeet is shocked and soon gets to know that the hooded man is not Raunak.

In front of the gorilla's cage, the gorilla carer asks the people to calm down while on the other hand, Sumeet runs back to the household.

Outside, the caretaker goes inside the cage to feed the gorilla and Shlok reaches Dadi.

Raunak puts Shlok's life in danger

Raunak signals the caretaker and then throws Shlok inside the gorilla cage with the Chowdhury crying out in fear.

The gorilla attempts to attack Shlok but Shlok saves himself.

In the meantime, Sumeet arrives and sees Shlok inside the gorilla's cage.

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