Meet 31st May 2023 Written Update

Meet 31st May 2023 Written Update

Meet 31st May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 31st May 2023 episode starts with Meet and Manmeet putting a garland on Meet Ahlawat’s photo.

Meanwhile, Hoshiyar tells Masoom that Meet Ahlawat will be happy as Meet Hooda has finally fulfilled Meet Ahlawat's dream of a factory. 

Meet thinks that he will be very pleased to know that she is adopting a child who reminds her of their son. 

Just then, Meet gets a call from Pandit Ji who tells her that he is sending his friend for the veneration as he cannot make it today. 

In the meantime, Meet feels that someone is watching them.

On the other hand, Sarkar bribes someone by telling him that his work should get done and looks at the locket, murmuring that he will never let Meet meet her son. 

Elsewhere, Sumeet is organising a room for Cheeku when Gunwanti comes there and is shocked to hear that Cheeku is coming back to live with them.  

After a while, Meet is preparing for the veneration when Masoom's daughter asks about Sumeet and complaints about Sumeet giving more attention to Cheeku. 

Just then, Manmeet comes inside telling Masoom's daughter that Sumeet loves her a lot too. 

Pandit Ji is astonished to see Manmeet and Meet while Hoshiyar tells him that it is God’s miracle that Meet found Manmeet. 

Pandit Ji agrees and narrates to them about a miracle six years ago when he found a child in a flower basket. 

Meet gets alert on hearing that the child was thrown from a hill and has a locket of ‘Mata-Rani’. 

Pandit Ji describes the child while Meet's curiosity increases as it describes her son only. 

On hearing the day and place of the accident, Meet realises that it was her child only. 

Hoshiyar tells Pandit Ji that Meet's son has been in the same accident. 

As Pandit Ji takes the name of the orphanage where he was sent, Meet gets hopeful that Cheeku is her son. 

Meet is happy to realize that Cheeku is her son while Manmeet hugs her and asks her if she thinks that the Cheeku living with them is her son Cheeku. 

She runs back to her and Meet Ahlawat's room and picks up the treasure box where she has stored everything from Cheeku’s childhood. 

Meet shows Manmeet all the things that she bought for her son before his birth hoping to use them after his birth. 

She feels so happy that she will be able to live all those moments with him that she always wanted. 

In the meantime, they decide to go and get Cheeku from the orphanage. 

At the orphanage, Meet explains to the manager about finding out from Pandit Ji about a child who is her son and describes the things that the child has upon him at the time of the accident. 

After a while, Meet finds the blanket and his photo in the orphanage store room while the manager tells her and Manmeet to wait as he calls the child. 

As the manager leaves, Meet tells Manmeet that she is sure that the child they will be bringing to them will be none other than Cheeku as she can feel it in her heart whenever he is close by. 

However, they are shocked to see some other child appearing with the manager. 

The manager introduces the child and tells Meet that all the things belong to this child. 

At the same time, another staff member at the orphanage smiles with evilness recalling Sarkar paying him to change the child. 

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