Meet 31st October 2022 Written Update

Meet 31st October 2022 Written Update

Meet 31st October 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 31st October 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda going to the kitchen and trying to convince Neelam to reveal the culprit and take action against him so that she can get justice.

However, Neelam starts having a breakdown and Meet Hooda starts trying to comfort her.

Later, Ragini is sitting in the garden when she gets a call from the police station telling her to come there as soon as possible.

Ragini reaches the police station and the police officer informs her that they had raided a bar and found a drunk girl who gave them her number as emergency contact.

A lady constable brings out the girl while Ragini waits in anticipation.

Back at the Ahlawat house, Meet Ahlawat brings Meet Hooda away from Neelam and tells her to not make Neelam live through her worst nightmare without her own will.

Further, Meet Ahlawat takes Neelam to his room while Meet Hooda thinks that she has to make Meet Ahlawat realize that Neelam needs to speak out about her truth.

On the other hand, Hoshiyaar's friends are telling him about Laila and trying to convince him to come to the bar with them when they see Meet Hooda and run away.

Meet Hooda confronts Hoshiyaar who tells her about Laila's backstory, how she got outed by her family for being taken advantage of and is now a bar dancer who earns for herself.

Elsewhere, Ragini sees the girl with anger and signs the documents after which she takes the girl out of the police station with her.

The girl mocks Ragini and says that she thought Ragini would hug her happily and finally reveals that she is coming to the Ahlawat house with her.

The girl tells Ragini that she will have to reveal their relationship to everyone while Ragini pleads saying that she cannot take her home.

Ragini promises the girl that she will come to meet her regularly and gives her money while the girl refuses the money.

Ragini pleads with the girl to not come home and leaves with the promise to meet her in the evening.

After some time, Ragini returns home and lies that she had gone to the temple to pray for the child.

The Naamkaran ritual starts and the baby takes the chit which Masoom had written with the name 'Shwetlana' shocking everyone.

Just then, the girl from the police station comes there and writes the name Minni on the plate shocking everyone.

Masoom angrily asks the girl who she is and the girl introduces herself as Ishani.

As for the relation, Ishani tells the family to ask Ragini as she is the one because of whom she is there.

Ragini looks ashamed as she reveals to everyone that Ishani is her daughter.

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