Meet 3rd December 2022 Written Update

Meet 3rd December 2022 Written Update

Meet 3rd December 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 3rd December 2022 episode starts with the Meet Ahlawat being checked by the doctor and the nurse while Meet Hooda comes there in a servant's uniform.

She asks the doctor if she can spend some time with Meet Ahlawat alone and the doctor tells her to hurry up since they only have two hours.

Once the doctor leaves, Meet Hooda slips inside the covers and lies down beside Meet Ahlawat putting her head into his side for comfort.

She sheds a few tears while telling Meet Ahlawat that she will figure something out.

Meanwhile, Babita also recalls the doctor's words and cries while Raj comforts her and tells her that mothers are the strongest for their children and tells her that they have to act as Meet Hooda said for the sake of bringing back their Meet Ahlawat.

Raj hugs Babita while telling her that this is their last chance to bring back their Meet Ahlawat.

At the same time, Ram feels hopeless as he asks someone on the call if they really can't save Meet Ahlawat.

Ragini cries as she goes to Ram and requests him to console her and forget about their differences for a few moments.

Masoom is also in her room crying as she thinks about the possibility of their plan failing while Hoshiyaar says that he saw Masoom cry for the first time and that too for her brother Meet Ahlawat.

Back in Meet's room, Meet Ahlawat comforts Meet Hooda by making her remember the vow they gave to each other and telling her that Meet and Meet are meant to be together.

Meet Hooda further wipes her tears as she tells Meet Ahlawat that he will be the one giving her courage by breathing and she will hear every breath of his as if he is breathing for her only.

She further puts one earplug in his ear while the other one in her ear as she kisses Meet Ahlawat's forehead.

Afterward, Meet Hooda checks all the decorations in the house while Hoshiyaar brings in a girl and a guy saying that they are a perfect match for the Meet couple.

Hoshiyaar says that no one will recognize that the couple sitting in the Mandap is them and not Meet couple.

The rest of the family also helps Meet Hooda as the ladies take the couple to get dressed.

Meet Hooda tells Ram and Hoshiyaar that they have to be careful and keep an eye on everyone as she is sure Neelam will come there definitely and that too in a disguise.

Just then, Raj comes there with Babita and tells Meet Hooda that the family's blessings are with her since they all are doing everything for Meet Ahlawat.

Everyone goes to do their work while Meet Hooda talks to Meet Ahlawat on call as he tells her that he is keeping his promise and breathing for her.

Later, the Ahlawat family starts their plan as the guests arrive and the Ahlawat ladies bring the bride in the mandap while Meet Hooda is making rounds hoping to catch Neelam.

Meet Hooda calls out to Meet Ahlawat through his earpiece but gets no response which makes her worried.

Just as she says that she is coming to check on him, Meet Ahlwat responds that he is fine and tells her to focus on her mission.

Further, the guy acting as Meet Ahlawat (groom) comes there with dhols and dancers.

The Ahlawat family dances with the dancers while Meet Hooda gets suspicious of one lady being Neelam and signals Hoshiyaar and Ram about it.

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