Meet 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Meet 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Meet 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 3rd February 2023 episode starts with SP Bhaati watching the video of Manmeet and his family humiliating someone identical to Meet in their home.

He gets surprised to find out that Manmeet is Sarkar’s son whose hands are perfectly fine.

Meanwhile, Meet is walking toward SP Bhaati’s cabin while in the video Sarkar announces that Manmeet is Junior Sarkar who deserves his throne.

Before Meet can enter SP Bhaati’s cabin, Manmeet abducts SP Bhaati without Meet seeing them.

When Meet does not see SP Bhaati, she gets confused and calls him to know the reason.

As Manmeet his gun pointed at SP Bhaati’s head, SP Bhati lies that the video only contains Meet’s mockery by Sarkar & nothing more.

Meet still insists to see the footage to which SP Bhaati states that the footage is in his laptop but he cannot give Meet access.

Once Meet cuts the call, Manmeet reminds SP Bhaati that in Sarkarpur, Sarkar’s rules are applicable so he should not try to over-smart.

Manmeet mocks SP Bhaati for thinking he can record footage without anyone’s knowing in Sarkar mansion as it was not a wrestling match which he will see the live broadcast of.

Looking at SP Bhaati with sarcastic eyes, Mamneet starts narrating that during the celebration, he went to hug Narendra when his eyes fall on Narendra’s locket, and found the spy camera.

Manmeet also adds that he knew that the masterminds are only SP Bhaati and Meet.

Afterward, SP Bhaati screams at Manmeet for not telling Meet the truth when Manmeet mentions that his family will soon tell Meet the truth after marriage.

As SP Bhaati starts struggling to get free like a bird captured in a cage, Manmeet whispers to his ears that he will destroy Meet’s life after marriage.

On the other hand, Meet is unable to sleep as her heart is beating faster and she can feel the danger coming.

In the meantime, Manmeet humiliates SP Bhaati even more by smashing the phone and ordering one of the goons to take special care of him.

Thinking that" Parkati" aka Meet is smart, Manmeet decides to call Meet afterward.

Manmeet calls Meet and starts talking to her in a sweet voice to get the information.

Meet refrains from telling Manmeet her suspicion about Sarkar’s big plan while Manmeer urges her to speak.

Manmeet then starts singing to put Meet to sleep but Meet starts laughing, stating that if Manmeet continues any longer she will hate music as Manmeet has a very bad voice.

Hearing the laughter, Manmeet orders Meet to sing and Meet starts singing recalling Meet Ahlawat’s words.

Meet stops her singing when she realizes that Manmeet is snoring.

The next day, Babita showers Meet with love; on the other hand, Jashoda tells Manmeet that if she was there, she would have cast the evil eye off in the video call.

Manmeet urges Jashoda to wait for a few more moments as he is bringing her culprit home.

In the meantime, Raj expresses that Meet is not his daughter yet he is feeling the pain of separating from his daughter and Meet announces she is feeling upset too.

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