Meet 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Meet 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Meet 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 3rd March 2023 episode starts with everyone coming back from the temple.

Shagun stops Meet and taunts her for acting close to Manmeet.

Meet further provokes her by telling her possessively that Manmeet is her husband, not Shagun’s property.

Shagun, in her desperation, gives in and accepts the deal of bringing the signatures of Manmeet on the factory papers.

However, she asks if Meet would leave Sarkar Mahal then, to which Meet assures her positively that she would.

Shagun is Meet’s last bait to get the factory signatures, and she waits for Shagun to play her move.

On the other hand, seeing Manmeet and Jashodha morose, Sarkar tries assuring them that the "garland matter" won't come true.

Jashodha is unable to stop herself from recalling the incident again and again, quietly serving lunch to everyone.

Meanwhile, Sundari tries to make Anuja get away from the house for the operation, barely escaping Jashodha’s notice.

Meanwhile, Sarkar asks Manmeet to sign the liquor factory documents.

Manmeet, knowing that Sarkar and Narendra have already read the documents, proceeds to sign without reading them.

Shagun takes this opportunity and goes to him in the name of serving dal, “accidentally” dropping all the documents.

She tells him to continue eating while she picks up the documents which were dropped.

While at it, she stealthily places Meet’s documents and gives them back to Manmeet, who signs all the papers confidently without glancing at them.

Meet is satisfied, knowing that she has won the battle without having to wrestle with Manmeet.

Afterward, while waiting for Shagun’s message, Meet is about to have her food when she remembers that Sundari hasn’t joined them yet.

She proceeds to go call her but finds Sundari happily praying to Matarani.

She doubts why Sundari is so happy after Anuja is punished and advises her to give Anuja a chance.

Sundari shakes off Meet's advice by telling that in this family, females are only supposed to suffer, and leaves the place in agitation.

At night, Meet continues to wait for Shagun’s message when Manmeet approaches her, taunting her that his family would be soon getting free from her presence the next day after the wrestling match declares him to be the winner.

Meet curtly replies to him that she will win for sure and leaves.

She runs into Shagun, who stares back at her intently.

Meet is alarmed, feeling something is wrong and tries to persuade her further.

However, Shagun refuses her, revealing that she has burned the papers since she didn’t want to attain Manmeet by betraying him.

Meet is frustrated with her helpless situation and sobs, questioning where she went wrong for such a situation to arrive.

The only hope for her wish to transform into reality is now the wrestling match, which would take place the next day.

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