Meet 3rd September 2023 Written Update

Meet 3rd September 2023 Written Update

Meet 3rd September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 3rd September 2023 episode starts with Pankhudi inside Raj's room, shoving her hand inside Raj's jacket and gradually taking out a ring.

Raj gets to know the truth

She wears it but Pankhudi enters and asks her to stop going after Raj.

She confesses to knowing the messages Pankhudi made to Raj and walks away while Pankhudi keeping the ring walks away.

From the inside quarters, Raj comes out and realises that the girl who had been texting him is Pankhudi.

Later, Sumeet, Raj and the Chowdhurys get along with the festivities and Raj's rakhi gets attached to Sumeet's mangalsutra. 

Sumeet tries to separate her mangalsutra from Raj's rakhi during which Shagun and Raunak get inside.

She wishes everyone rakhi and confronts them on celebrating with no worries.

Shagun's next task

Shagun sees Raj's rakhi and Sumeet's mangalsutra attached and tells everyone that the next game will be rakhi vs. mangalsutra. 

She challenges Sumeet to choose either Raj or Shlok following which she'll see whether she can handle both the relationships or not.

She adds that to focus on one relationship one has to cut out the other and proceeds to tear down Raj's rakhi but Sumeet backs away.

Sumeet tells Shagun that she'll maintain both her relationships but Shagun must have a proper check on her arrogance.

Pankhudi gets stubborn

Afterwards, Pankhudi feigns being regrettable about her actions when Priyanka tells Pankhudi to stay loyal to Sarthak.

Priyanka tells her that she doesn't want Pankhudi to be tagged, a runaway wife just like Ranjana and runs off teary-eyed. 

Pankhudi wipes off her tears and dismisses Priyanka's words stating that she can't live in poverty all her life.

Sumeet's confusion

At the game site, Shagun, the Chowdhurys and the Alhawats assemble to complete Shagun's task.

All of them see burning coals lying on the ground, above which two planks are placed. 

Shagun looks at Sumeet and tells her that now she'll have to choose who goes first, Raj or Shlok.

Raj and Shlok ask Sumeet not to worry since it looks like they've to go from one place to another by walking on the plank.

Shagun sarcastically asks them to go on after which Raj and Shlok take their respective positions.

Sumeet tells Shagun to tell the rules of the game but Shagun denies Sumeet.

Raj and Shlok step on the plank but to everyone's horror, witness the plank Raj has set his foot down into, about to fall in the burning furnace.

An aware Shlok saves Raj while Shagun laughs menacingly and tells Sumeet that she can choose one person who can walk over the safe plank.

Raj tells Shlok to go on while Shlok asks Raj to go on adding that Sumeet's life is connected with Raj.

The Chowdhury and Masoom tell Sumeet not to play the game when Sumeet breaks out asking why a woman always has to choose between her in-laws and her maternal house.

She tells that she'll not play the game since both Raj and Shlok are important for her and Raunak signals Shagun to threaten her.

Shagun taking Sumeet aside, shows her Akki's footage where he cryingly asks Sumeet to save him.

Sumeet cries while Masoom asks her to choose Raj since the business is in Raj's hands.

Anju confronts Masoom stating that for a married woman, her in-laws are her everything but Masoom accuses the Chowdhurys of destroying Sumeet's life.

On the other hand, Raj and Shlok convince each other to go on the safe plank but neither one agrees.

The game begins

Shagun seeing Sumeet's hopelessness, gives her an album of Raj and her photos and asks her to make a choice.

Raj and Shlok tell Sumeet not to give in to Shagun but Shagun shuts them up.

She tells Sumeet that she has given her enough time and sets a timer of two minutes.

Shagun gives Sumeet some tissue paper and pressurizes Sumeet to make her choice clear in two minutes.

Raunak goes forward and bangs on the bell signifying the beginning of the game, putting Sumeet at a crossroads. 

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