Meet 4th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 4th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 4th April 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 4th April 2023 episode starts with Shagun complaining to Manmeet that Jasodha has given everything to Meet for the Gangaur and he takes her there.

Manmeet asks for Jasodha while Meet informs him that she is in her room.

Manmeet kneels beside her and tells her to let Shagun do the rituals since she has been doing it for him since childhood and it will be an injustice to her.

Meet stands up from there with the statue of Sita in her hand and makes Shagun sit while Manmeet helps her in making the statue.

Meet tells the ladies that she will go and make Kheer for them and goes to the kitchen while wondering why Manmeet wants to keep her there without any relation.

He enters the kitchen and Meet tells him that she thinks she should return home since she cannot stay with him without any relationship.

Shagun overhears their conversation and gets emotional as she hears Manmeet tells Meet that she is his girlfriend.

He tells her that she will not go before he tells her and leaves while Gunwanti tries to calm Shagun who cries saying that she does not understand what Manmeet's intentions are.

At night, Meet wakes up and sits as she sees Manmeet sleeping peacefully beside her.

On the other hand, Gunwanti and Shagun wait for a man by the window of the storeroom while looking at Meet's gifts and get suspicious.

A man comes there and gives two bags to Gunwanti while Shagun gives him money and tells him to leave unnoticed.

Meet goes and makes a statue from the leftover clay while she hears a sound coming from the storeroom and goes to check.

Gunwanti and Shagun hide while Meet looks around when she feels something under her feet.

She bends and picks up Shagun's anklet while Shagun and Gunwanti get worried.

The next morning, Meet is getting ready in her room while Manmeet sees Shagun holding a plate of food and teases her.

Shagun tells him that the plate is for Meet and he takes it saying that he will give it to her.

Manmeet enters the room and makes Meet sit telling her to eat while she says that Jasodha has told her to keep fast.

Manmeet is about to feed her when he notices Babita and Raj's picture in the newspaper and snatches it while running out of the room with an excuse.

Shagun enters the room and tells Meet that she has been keeping the fast for Manmeet since childhood and that it is her right.

However, Shagun gets teary eyed saying that she knows Jasodha has given this right to Meet since she is the one who took Phera's with him.

Meet tells Shagun that she will not come downstairs for the Pooja.

Later, Shagun eats the sweets not being able to stay hungry and goes downstairs for Pooja.

Jasodha asks about Meet and Shagun says that Meet did not keep fast while sitting with Gunwanti in the Pooja.

On the other hand, Meet sits away from everyone's eyes and does the Pooja for Manmeet.

Further, the ritual of opening gifts starts, and Shagun acts of helping Meet open her gifts when she screams in pain.

Gunwanti goes and uplifts the box revealing various tools and handcuffs shocking everyone.

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