Meet 4th July 2022 Written Update

Meet 4th July 2022 Written Update

Meet 4th July 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 4th July 2022 episode starts with Meet asking Manjari to accompany him home and pretend to be his wife as his father is incredibly ill.

Popat bhua immediately disagrees and asks how this will benefit the duo.

Meet Ahlawat immediately takes out a wad of cash from his pocket and waves it in front of Popat Bhua’s eyes.

Furthermore, he says that the duo will be settled in their lives, and Manjari will not have to resort to running meagre dance classes for money.

Disgusted at the suggestion, Manjari jumps up and declines the offer. 

Manjari turns to Popat Bhua for help and watches her greedily count the money Meet gave her.

Manjari sits near Popat Bhua, trying to convince her to refuse.

However, Popat Bhua says that goddess Lakshmi is knocking at their door and that they should not let go of this golden opportunity as they came to this city to earn money in the first place.

In the meantime, Hoshiyar suggests Meet that he should not have been so rude.

Meet replies that he knows the kind of people they are and that they will do anything for money.

Manjari appears with her suitcase packed and returns Hoshiyar the money given to Bhua by Meet earlier.

She turns to Meet and tells him that she is not doing this for money but because she knows the value of parents in one’s life. She adds that because she doesn’t trust him, Popat bhua will accompany her.

Manjari puts forward three conditions, all of which being that Meets will not raise their voice against Manjari.

Meanwhile, Manushi tries to investigate if Manjari is really Meet by talking to Anubha and grandmother.

Meet takes Manjari home, and as the door opens, the faces of the family members light up as they see the couple.

Elated with joy, everyone runs to hug Manjari.

Babita rejoices at the sight of Manjari and calls for Ragini to bring aarti ki thaal to welcome her daughter-in-law.

Agitated, Meet declares that it is not her daughter-in-law but her look-alike Manjari who will stay temporarily in the house till Raj gets better.

Manjari meets everyone and instantly establishes an emotional connection. She wins over everyone with her candid nature.

While meeting with Manjari, the family members reminisce about their time with Meet Hooda.

Meet Ahlawat interrupts the introduction and asks Hoshiyar to escort the major to the guest room.

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