Meet 4th November 2022 Written Update

Meet 4th November 2022 Written Update

Meet 4th November 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 4th November 2022 episode starts with Neelam telling Meet Hooda to not worry about her as she was only pretending to fall so that she can delete the pictures from Masoom’s phone. 

Meet Hooda tells her that she should not have risked her child’s health.

Neelam tells her that she has no right to love Meet Ahlawat and she only said those things because she has seen Babita coming. 

Meet look stunned to know that Neelam has not kept flower and cake in Meet Ahlawat's room. 

Meanwhile, Barfi Devi recalls how Laila brought the cake and flowers for Meet Ahlawat last night. 

Later, seeing Meet Hooda broach the subject of Neelam’s rapist, Barfi comes inside and tells them to not disturb Neelam is not well and takes her away. 

Later, Meet Hooda wants to know why is Barfi Devi and Neelam not willing to talk about the incident. 

In the meantime, Ram locks the room and tells the servant to shift Ishani’s luggage to another room. 

However, Ishani tells him that she will live in this room only and that she has a right to it too. 

Just then Ragini comes between them and stops Ishani from telling the truth. 

Ragini requests Ram to give back the keys but Ram is adamant and goes away with the key. 

Seeing Ram march out, Ishani threatens Ragini with revealing the truth.

Ragini asks to never reveal the truth because it will break apart the family and Ram will not be able to bear it. 

Meanwhile, Meet Hooda comes to Barfi Devi to convince her to talk about the culprit but Barfi Devi gets angry and asks her to leave her alone.

Telling Meet Hooda to close the chapter, Barfi Devi walks away but drops her keys which Meet Hooda picks up. 

Meanwhile, Ragini comes to take the keys from Ram who is furious with Ishani for throwing away Isha’s stuff and breaking her photo frame.  

Ram wants to know from Ragini what right Ishani has on the house that she is talking about. 

Ragini tells Ram that she is her friend's daughter to whom she is indebted and therefore he will have to love her too. 

She also tells him to give the keys back to her or else she will break the lock. 

Ram is stunned to see Ragini’s reaction and wonders what is she hiding. 

Later, Barfi Devi slips on the floor and realises that she does not have Almirah's keys with her. 

Realising the presence of Meet Hooda in her room, Barfi Devi rushes there and spots Meet holding Neelam’s medical file.

Barfi Devi becomes worried about Meet Hooda finding out Neelam’s condition and pushes Mishri’s stroller away to distract Meet Hooda. 

Meet Hooda runs after her but Ishani reaches her first and stops the pram from falling from the stairs. 

Ram accuses Ishani of pushing Mishri while Ishani tells him that she has saved Mishri. 

However, Ram continues to accuse him and questions her upbringing for being so misbehaved.

Later, Meet apologises to Ishani for Ram’s behaviour. 

Afterwards, Meet tells Ragini that Ishani needs her love and attention and that Ragini has an abundance that can help Ishani a lot. 

Later, Meet Hooda asks Neelam about the rose in her cupboard while Neelam tells her that she is ready to leave the house if she does not believe her.

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