Meet 4th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 4th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 4th October 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today Meet 4th October episode begins with Sumeet thinking to herself that Bilawal is searching for her while Shlok, reaches up to her and asks about the embassy.

Adil escapes

She then tells Shlok that the embassy has agreed to help them out adding that Shlok must stay as Adil, while on the other hand, the real Adil escapes.

Amidst all this, Naaz gets into the car while on a call with Bilawar stating that she's going to the mosque while from behind, the real Adil tries to gain Naaz's attention by calling her out. 

However, Naaz doesn't hear any of it since she's in the car, making Adil board an auto, thus following Naaz.

All this is observed by Sumeet who then freaks out, telling Shlok that they have to stop Adil anyhow.

Priyanka tries to commit suicide 

Back in India, Priyanka tries to commit suicide but Chaudhary's and Raj break the door of her room and stop her from killing herself.

Ashok asks how could Priyanka even think of ending herself, but Priyanka sobbingly states that Raj doesn't deserve a characterless woman like her.

Raj then consoles Priyanka by telling her that she is not characterless while Masoom and Pankhudi tell each other that Raj and Priyanka are getting stronger, instead of breaking down in love.

He then tells the Chaudhary's that he will get hold of the person who leaked Pankhudi's video and further promises Pankhudi that he'll not leave the criminal unharmed.

Hearing this, Pankhudi thinks to herself that Raj will never be able to get her since, she executed everything perfectly. 

Adil follows Naaz

In Pakistan, Naaz gets out of her car and goes forward to the mosque, distributing clothes to the needy.

From behind, Adil follows her and unbeknownst to Adil, Sumeet and Shlok follow him too, so that he can't reach Naaz.

Later, Naaz extends her gratitude to Allah for bringing Adil into her life making Shlok, from a corner notice Naaz.

She then notices Shlok's wanted poster and then prays to Allah for Shlok to be imprisoned, thus giving peace to Bilawal.

Naaz further prays to Allah so that she can take revenge on Sumeet for imprisoning Adil when she notices Shlok.

Adil reaches Naaz 

As she ties the holy thread, she thinks to herself that Allah has granted her prayers, while on the other hand, Adil comes in front of Naaz.

This makes Shlok run away and Sumeet notices Adil from a corner, who attempts to talk to Naaz.

Suddenly, Naaz's holy thread falls making her anxious, after which she asks Adil why is he on her way.

Adil states that he is here to show her the right way but Naaz tells him to not act smart, otherwise, Shlok will hit him.

Meanwhile, Shlok comes in and enquires Naaz about what is going on, leading Naaz to state that Adil is irritating her.

Adil tells the truth about Shlok and Sumeet

However, Adil tells Naaz that Shlok is a cheat thus shocking Naaz, while in the meantime, Bilawal enters the car to pick Naaz up from the mosque.

On the other hand, Naaz scolds Adil for misbehaving with Shlok and walks away with him, but Adil catches up with her.

Adil then states that his coming to Pakistan was delayed and he even tried informing Naaz about it, but it didn't reach her further adding that he was kidnapped by Sumeet and Shlok.

Naaz gets broken 

Naaz then asks Shlok to confirm her about being the Adil, she fell in love with but Adil tells Naaz that Shlok is trying to use her to get back to India.

Hearing this, Naaz falls on her back but is held on by Shlok, making Naaz rudely shift his hand away from hers.

Sumeet runs in, while Naaz seeing the duo, adds that Indians only understand the language of hatred.

Shlok apologises to Naaz stating that he never wanted to hurt her while Sumeet asks Naaz if she thinks Shlok can be a spy.

Naaz pledges to punish Shlok

Sumeet urges Naaz to listen to her heart, but Naaz states that Shlok is a threat to everyone, leading Sumeet to state that Shlok had tried to give her a letter but Akki had changed it.

Meanwhile, Bilawal gets upset since Naaz isn't picking up his call while on the other hand, Adil urges Naaz to call Bilawal making Sumeet request Naaz to listen to her heart.

However, Naaz states that Shlok deserves the death penalty making Sumeet add that she'll see how much power Pakistan has over Shlok's innocence.

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