Meet 4th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 4th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 4th September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 4th September 2023 episode starts with Shagun giving Sumeet a tissue paper and telling her to make a clear choice between Raj and Shlok.

Sumeet makes the choice

She sets the timer to two minutes following which everyone watches her with bated breath.

Suddenly, the album of Raj's photos falls and Sumeet bends down to pick it up and her face lights up with an idea.

She speedingly writes down something, puts a stone in the paper and throws it towards Raj and Shlok. 

Raj and Shlok see it and understand Sumeet's instructions after which everyone sees Shlok trying to balance himself on the plank.

Masoom chides Sumeet and terms her ungrateful since Raj has done so much for her.

However, Masoom stops scolding Sumeet when she sees Raj balancing himself on the plank doing a handstand.

Shagun terms it as being unfair but Sumeet reminds her that she has followed her rules which required only two legs to be on the plank.

In a flashback, it is revealed that when Raj's photo album fell, Sumeet had instructed Raj to do a handstand and Shlok to use his feet.

Raunak tries to disbalance Raj and Shlok and puts oil on the fire so that the flames disturb them.

Sumeet tries to stop Raunak from doing so but Shagun holds on to her tight.

On the other hand, Raj's hand begins to slip and everyone leads out a shriek when Sumeet frees herself from Shagun.

She helps Raj resume his balance again but Shagun captures her again and Raunak throws powder all around the contestants.

Sumeet again frees herself from Shagun and stops Raunak when he tries to harm her while Sumeet tells Shagun to shut him at home.

Amidst all this, Shlok reaches the other side while balancing himself on the plank and jumps down.

The game is won

Raj too comes to the other end and Shlok helps him, ultimately putting him on his feet again.

Sumeet tells Shagun that they've won the game and attempts to go near Raj and Shlok.

Shagun tries to stop Sumeet but Sumeet overpowers her when Shagun is about to fall but is held by Sumeet. 

Shagun asks Sumeet to help her but Sumeet answers back stating that Raunak must play the game to free Shagun.

She tells Raunak to do as Sumeet says but Raunak denies and Sumeet loosens her hold on Shagun, ultimately tightening it.

Shagun comes out free and Sumeet rubs the truth on her face stating that she shouldn't poke her nose in other relationships when her own is flawed.

Sumeet and the Chowdhurys then join hands together stating that they've won the game and encircle Shagun with the sound of their hands clapping.

Afterwards, Shlok opens the door but sees a pot hanging signifying death and shouts for the culprit to show up coughing.

Shagun's next task

The family members come up while Sumeet gives water to Shlok to stop his cough.

Dadi asks Shlok about the doer of the deed and Shlok guesses out that it's Shagun.

Suddenly, Shagun enters and tells the Chowdhurys that it's time for their next task in which they've to make a pyramid and break the ghee-butter pot.

She says that the game will be held on Janmashtami adding that she has gifts for all of them and calls in Rakesh.

Rakesh comes in and Shagun hands out the gifts to the Chowdhury. 

Shagun asks Poonam to check out the contents of her gift and makes her unveil a white saree.

Poonam hides the truth

Shagun feigns shock and bidding goodbye, walks away from there.

Later, Sumeet tells Shlok that Shagun is planning something and Shlok agrees.

Inside, Poonam tells Akash that she doesn't want Shlok to know that his father died a long time back on Janmashtami. 

She confesses to feigning herself as a married woman to hide the truth from Shlok and Akash prays for Shlok to never know the truth.

In the kitchen, Shlok mentions that they've to know the truth and tells Sumeet not to worry.

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