Meet 5th July 2022 Written Update

Meet 5th July 2022 Written Update

Meet 5th July 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 5th July 2022 episode starts with Sunaina taking Manjari to the guest room to prepare her to meet Raj.

Realizing that she will be getting a haircut, Manjari immediately jumps off the chair.

Manjari says that she will not let anyone cut her beautiful hair, which she spent a lot of time and energy growing.

Meet Ahlawat rudely cuts her off and asks her to sit back down as she agreed to play a role, and to do that, she needs to get a haircut.

Popat Bhua, after extorting some more money from Hoshiyar, goes over to Manjari and tries to talk her into getting the haircut done.

Over in the living room, Ragini confides in Babita that underneath an utterly different appearance lies the same emotional and playful personality of Meet Hooda to which both Tej and Babita agree.

In the meantime, Meet Ahlawat, having had enough of Manjiri's drama, tells her that she can come down as no one will touch her hair.

Meet Ahlawat sits next to Manjari, tells her about the intricate details of Meet Hooda’s relationship with his father, and reminisces about their playful antics in a flashback.

He further gives Manjari a list of five questions and asks her to memorize them and not say a line over and under.

Meet Ahlawat asks Hoshiyar to teach her to switch to a Haryanvi accent and ditch her Gujrati accent.

When Manjari asks to give her one month to learn all this, Meet tells her that she is due to meet Raj in one hour.

Meanwhile, Manjari gears up to meet Raj for the first time. 

He further adds that he wants to see Raj smile the way he used to when he was around Meet Hooda.

An emotional moment builds as Manjari looks at bedridden Raj for the first time. Manjari sits at Raj’s bedside and holds his hand.

Raj gets emotional and asks her where she has been when Manjari tears up as well.

Suddenly Raj begins to cough uncontrollably and Manjari tries to help him while talking in the same Haryanvi accent as Meet Hooda.

Everyone’s faces go pale as they hear her speak.

In a moment of intense anger, Meet Ahlawat grabs her hand and takes her outside and accuses her of being the real Meet Hooda and acting as Manjari.

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