Meet 5th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 5th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 5th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 5th March 2023 episode starts with Meet boldly refusing from being searched. 

She loudly reasons saying that as theft has taken place in Sarkar Mahal, they should call the police for the investigation and pretends to call the police.

Sarkar refutes this suggestion, but Meet remains adamant, wanting to distract them.

Jashodha seizes this opportunity and pulls Meet along, scolding her for going against Sarkar’s wishes, saying that she will personally check her.

She takes her to a room and instructs her to quickly run away without anyone noticing and shuts the door, leaving. 

Jashodha comes back and tells that although she didn’t find anything under Meet’s clothes, she has still locked her up just to be safe so that she doesn’t call the police again.

She then proceeds to check all the ladies of the house but doesn’t find anything, while Meet takes her essentials and proceeds to leave Sarkar Mahal for good.

Amidst this, Manmeet thinks to himself that however crazy "Parkati" is, she would never go as far as stealing such a big amount of money.

He goes to the room in which she is locked, finds "her" sleeping, and returns.

On the other hand, Meet is just about to leave the main door when she runs into two men.

The men are Mr. Chaudhary and his son who have come for the marriage proposal of Meghana.

Jashodha comes to the place too, welcoming them but inwardly is worried as Meet has still not left.

Seeing Meet, they both express how they have heard about the glories of Meet and request that they wish to drink a cup of tea made from her hands.

Jashodha is unable to refuse and tells Meet to come inside too. 

The guests are welcomed, while Manmeet is confused to find Meet along with them.

The young man who has come to see Meghana named Chandan stares at Meet admiringly while she serves tea to them.

Meghana is sad and cries in her room, thinking that her dream of further studies is shattered.

Sundari tries consoling her, but Meet comes there and supports Meghana.

Manmeet arrives in her room to take her but Meghana requests him to cancel the proposal.

Meet suggests a brilliant idea to avoid the marriage, and Manmeet surprisingly accepts to team up with Meet.

Phone numbers are exchanged and they proceed to execute their plan.

Afterward, Manmeet joins the guests and is unconsciously enraged seeing the young man Chandan trying to get close to Meet.

Suddenly, Chandan's phone rings and he picks the phone up, but is not able to hear the caller properly. 

Manmeet quickly snatches the phone off his hand and raises it in the air and switches the phone to speaker mode, saying that he could now continue talking "properly".

Meet in her shrill and girly voice lovingly tells him that she missed him dearly and that she is pregnant with his child.

Chandan tries to explain to everybody's shocked faces that the girl is speaking lies, but the damage is done and Sarkar shouts at Mr. Chaudhary, doubting his son's character.

Mr. Chaudhary is embarrassed and takes his leave, pulling Chandan along angrily. 

The proposal is canceled and Meghana is sincerely thankful to Meet.

Meet finally takes her essentials which she previously dropped seeing the "guests" and leaves on her bike.

However, while on her way, she is shocked to find Anuja in jeans and a shirt, waiting for someone nervously.

She tries calling her out, but an ambulance arrives, and Anuja quickly leaves in it.

Meet is left bewildered, thinking whether to follow her or just get going for she has her purpose fulfilled with the factory papers at hand. 

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