Meet 5th October 2022 Written Update

Meet 5th October 2022 Written Update

Meet 5th October 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 5th October 2022 episode starts with Barfi Devi looking through her Almira in hurry and getting shocked to see the picture in a different position.

On the other hand, after putting the letter in the mailbox, Meet Ahlawat looks around anxiously to see the face of the blackmailer.

Meanwhile, Barfi Devi notices a hooded figure roaming in the hallway and thinks that she will even get her hand dirty if it secures Neelam’s happiness.

However, Meet Ahlawat gets shocked when no one arrives there to take Amma’s phone and walks away.

As soon as Meet Ahlawat leaves, Meet Hooda comes out of her hiding spot and takes the phone out of the letter.

A flashback then shows how Meet Hooda put the phone in a rice jar to avoid any suspicion.

When Meet Hooda picks up the baby, the toy falls from its hand and the music starts.

Though Meet Hooda quickly runs away from there, she is worried someone must have heard the sound.

Meanwhile, in Ahlawat's mansion, Barfi Devi gets stunned to see Neelam in fancy clothes and the stick falls from her hand.

Barfi Devi then tries to take the white saree and letter from Neelam but Neelam grabs Barfi Devi’s hand.

Afterward, Neelam aka Layla announces arrogantly that she wants to mess with Isha by informing her about Deep’s death.

Elsewhere, on the streets, Meet Ahlawat confronts Meet Hooda about the phone while a thunderstorm goes on in the background.

On one hand, Meet Ahlawat lies to Meet Hooda that he has spent a night with Neelam romantically and on the other hand, Barfi Devi decides to burn the white saree.

Before Barfi Devi can burn the white saree, Neelam attacks her with a stick from behind.

Seeing Neelam walking away, Barfi Devi mutters that this cannot be her daughter.

Meanwhile, Meet Hooda tells Meet Ahlawat to spill the truth as she knows Meet Ahlawat will never do anything like this.

This statement gaslights Meet Ahlawat and he accuses Meet Hooda of lying to him to get the truth.

He further promises Meet Hooda that they will never get back together while Meet Hooda stands there like a puppet.

As soon as Meet Ahlawat finishes his yelling, Meet Hooda challenges Meet Ahlawat that she will learn the truth at any cost so she can tell Raj and bring Meet Ahlawat close to his family again.

Hearing this, Meet Ahlawat accepts the challenge and walks away.

The next morning, Meet Ahlawat refuses to go with Meet Hooda to the police station and they get into an argument.

However, Meet Ahlawat storms away angrily while Meet Hooda stands there in shock.

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