Meet 5th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 5th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 5th October 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 5th October 2023 episode starts with Naaz calling her brother and telling him that she has caught Shlok.

However, Bilawal is unable to hear her making Naaz a little disappointed.

Naaz gets in an accident!

She tells Shlok and Sumeet to not be happy as her brother will be coming to pick her up.

Sumeet holds Shlok's hand and tells her that they going to escape today and if she thinks that they are doing something wrong, she can inform her brother about it.

She says that she knows she and Shlok did nothing wrong and runs away while Shlok apologizes to Naaz.

Naaz runs after the couple shouting at them to stop.

Meanwhile, Bilawal gets a call from the control room telling him to come there immediately.

He says that he'll be there soon and calls Naaz to inform her that he will not be able to pick her up.

However, while running, Naaz gets distracted by the phone call as she gets hit by the car and flies into the air before falling to the ground.

Sumeet and Shlok look back hearing the thud sound and shout Naaz's name seeing her while her phone continues to ring in the background.

Back in India, Raj asks Ishaan about the progress and Ishaan tells him that he is going to find the IP address soon.

He manages to find the IP address and gives it to Raj while searching for the location of the IP address.

Raj is shocked to see the location as it is of the Choudhary house only.

Raj finds the truth!

The family continues to ask him about the address and talk about giving it to the police.

Meanwhile, Sumeet and Shlok take Naaz to the hospital.

Raj wonders how to tell Priyanka that someone from her own family is trying to defame her and doubts Pankhudi.

However, he gets conflicted as he sees Pankhudi taking care of her infant daughter.

Naaz regains consciousness and sees her brother who asks her how this happened.

She recalls how Adil turned out to be Shlok and gets a panic attack saying that he left her while the doctors came there to try to calm her.

He states that the medicines needed for Naaz are out of stock making Bilawal angry.

However, Shlok comes there with the medicines just then and the doctor praises him stating that Naaz is alive because of this kind man only.

Naaz gets silent seeing him still there and recalls all his kind actions.

Raj tells Poonam to send Myra inside and she agrees after which Raj exposes Pankhudi who refuses it.

He tells her that she must be shameless but he does not want to hear Myra to hear about her mother's wrongdoing.

Raj also points out how he saw Pankhudi outside the shower when Priyanka was taking a bath.

Pankhudi swears on Sarthak that she did not do it making Sarthak support her while Raj gets a message from Ishaan about the number of the phone.

He calls the number and Sarthak's phone starts ringing shocking everyone.

Naaz saves Shlok-Sumeet

Bilawal tells Shlok to take care of Naaz while he returns in some time.

Further, Naaz questions Shlok why he didn't run away while Bilawal finds out that Adil is Shlok from the signature on the hospital documents.

Shlok apologizes to Naaz telling her that he couldn't leave her to die while Sumeet also comes there and tells Naaz that their fate is in her hands.

She talks about how she loves Shlok and how their family is waiting for them making Naaz emotional.

Naaz cries recalling her moments with Shlok while Bilawal comes there and asks Naaz about what she talking about.

She lies to him that she is trying to save a child and tells him that she wants Adil and Akki to go to Ajmer Sharif today only she cannot do Nikkah in this condition.

Bilawal feels betrayed by Naaz but agrees and walks away.

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