Meet 5th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 5th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 5th September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 5th September 2023 episode starts with Akash training the Chowdhurys and other associates for a human pyramid.

Shlok calls up Anand

However, he falls on his back following which Rajeev confronts him for being drunk.

Poonam scolds Rajeev for his demeanor but Rajeev mentions that he doesn't care since winning Shagun's task is important.

Akash agrees and Shlok tells the Chowdhurys that his father, Anand can train them for the pyramid.

Poonam's colours dull up when Sumeet looks at her, wondering why's she worried.

Shlok takes the phone from Poonam and calls up Anand but Poonam tells him not to call him up.

The phone gets connected after which an excited Shlok states that Anand is over the call and asks him to come over.

From the store room, Akash feigning to be Anand tells Shlok over the call that he can't come since he's busy but will send in some trainers.

Shlok asks Anand to come in otherwise his presence will be equal to death for him.

From the other, Akash sobs silently and tells Shlok that he'll come and hangs up the call.

On the other hand, an emotional but happy Shlok hugs Rajeev stating that Anand will come.

Poonam walks away while Sumeet looks on curiously at her.

At the storeroom, Poonam asks Akash why he told Shlok that he'd come.

The truth comes out

Akash tells Poonam that he can't handle a sad Shlok while Poonam worries about how will Shlok react when he comes to know that Anand is dead.

Suddenly both get interrupted by a box dropping following which Akash and Poonam turn around and see a sobbing Sumeet.

At Raj's, Priyanka comes in to take away Pankhudi's card and gets it.

She walks out but seeing Raj, hides inside unbeknownst that her dupatta is clinging to the door.

Raj sees the dupatta, gradually pulling it thus unveiling Priyanka who falls on his arms.

Both look at each other after, Priyanka steps away from Raj who notices the card.

Raj gets hold of Priyanka 

Pankhudi says that it's Vaani's and Raj playfully agrees after which Priyanka leaves. 

Later, Poonam tells Sumeet that Anand had died during a bus accident following which he was rushed to the hospital.

Shlok saw Anand and got traumatised since Anand was his world.

Poonam adds that Anand made her and Akash promise to never reveal his death to anyone.

Akash confesses to Sumeet about lying to Shlok about Anand stating that he's abroad working on a five-year contract.

Sumeet tells Poonam that she must let Shlok know that Anand has died but Poonam disagrees.

Meanwhile, Shlok shows off his t-shirt which has Anand's name to the family stating that now they'll win Shagun's game.

Shagun's intentions 

Inside, Poonam tells Sumeet that Anand died on Janmashtami and Sumeet asks her if Shagun knows about Anand's death.

In the meantime, Shagun tells Raunak that Shlok's greatest weakness lies in Anand.

She adds that if Shlok comes to know that Anand is dead he'll get insane, thus fulfilling her plan.

Outside, Shlok tells Rajeev that Anand had once climbed up a pyramid and broken a butter pot on his request.

He mentions that Poonam had scolded Anand but Anand mentioned that it's fine.

In the meantime, the human pyramid starts disassembling when Shlok says that his father would never do that.

Shlok gets beaten 

A group of boys come in and ask Shlok to leave the area since it's theirs to practice, making Shlok violent.

Rajeev covers up for Shlok and asks the boys to go somewhere else but the boys disagree.

He tells Shlok that staying on will create problems when he walks on.

The boys term Shlok a coward and ask if Anand is even alive or not.

Shlok angrily fights with the boys but gets hit on the head gradually fainting, after which the boys escape.

Rajeev cries out while from inside, Poonam and Sumeet come out and Rajeev tells them about the boys.

Sumeet and Poonam try to make a bleeding Shlok comes to his senses but nothing happens.

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