Meet 6th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 6th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 6th August 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 6th August 2023 episode starts with Sumeet facing the Trident towards Raunak stating that his end is near while a scared Raunak looks on.

Back on the road Shagun nears the judge but is stopped by Shlok who taunts her carelessly hitting his head and lastly focusing on that without proof she can't go to the judge.

At Devi Maa's puja, Sumeet confronts Raunak about playing with her dignity and her marriage with Shlok.

In the meantime, Shlok points out at a free Priya and holds Shagun back from going forward taking charge of her and bringing her to the defeated goons.

Shlok makes her sit on a chair and she attempts to threaten them but is stopped by Raj ultimately leading to her getting tied up by Shlok.

Things intensify between Sumeet and Raunak when the judge enquires about the happenings leading Raunak to come forward begging to not hang him and adding that he will tell what happened during the wedding night.

Elsewhere Poonam and others come in talking about Shlok's irresponsibility to Dadi and hurrying to the spot where Shlok has called them.

While at Devi Maa's, Raunak finally confesses to having never married Sumeet adding to an already present Poonam being shocked.

From the other end, a tied-up Shagun becomes restless and Raunak elaborates more on the wedding night confirming his presence during the puja too.

But as he entered he was arrested on drug charges and a desperate Raunak not wanting to end his career was saved by Shagun replacing him with Shlok to marry Sumeet.

Raunak further mentions Shagun has drugged Shlok and made him wear Raunak's sherwani and add the same tattoo which he has on Shlok's palm.

To everyone's horror, he confesses to Shlok having no idea about his doings for two hours while Poonam sees a tied-up Shagun.

Amidst everything, Poonam feels sorry for whatever she did to Sumeet and becomes teary-eyed.

Raunak now blames Shlok for having killed Priya since he was absent on the wedding premises when Sumeet admits that Priya is alive.

Priya removes her veil while Shagun unties herself successfully and escapes from her imprisonment.

Sumeet admits to having made the entire plan of Priya's murder to bring the truth of her wedding with Shlok getting the police commissioner's help too.

She mentions her answer to being live cast all over India and immediately everyone points out Raunak's shamelessness.

The judge holds Raunak and Shagun guilty ordering the police to file a chargesheet on both of them.

Shlok and Sumeet look at each other while a happy Raj shows a thumbs up to Sumeet.

Shlok goes up to Poonam and again states his marriage with Sumeet rejecting a helpless Bitti.

Shlok and Meet look at each other but Raunak suddenly takes on a gun and threatens to shoot anyone who comes near him.

He tells that if he is imprisoned he will kill Sumeet leading Shlok to come forward and disarm him in the process hurting his hand.

A triggered Shlok is stopped by Poonam and others after which Sumeet comes forward and tears her dupatta to stop Shlok's hand from bleeding.

Shagun attempts to tend after Raunak but is shoved away by him and behaves eccentrically ultimately getting led away by the police.

Sumeet confronts Shagun on her arrogance while Shagun states that she will emerge again being led away by the authorities too.

Sumeet then walks up to the shrine of Devi Maa and returns with Vermillion asking if Shlok accepts her as his wife.

Shlok fills Sumeet's hairline with vermillion telling that he agrees while Raj insists to do his duties to solemnize the marriage.

Sumeet walks up to Poonam and asks if she can bless her to which Poonam finally places her hand on her head making Shlok and his family smile.

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