Meet 6th December 2022 Written Update

Meet 6th December 2022 Written Update

Meet 6th December 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 6th December 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda holding Neelam by the neck while pointing the injection at her neck and demanding Neelam to make her goons lower the gun.

Neelam orders her goons while Meet Hooda pushes Neelam and gives the poison to the doctor telling him to get the anecdote for it as soon as possible.

The doctor calls the hospital and tells them to send him the anecdote to the picture of the poison he has sent to Ahlawat mansion as soon as possible.

Meet Hooda tells Neelam that she has lost now while Neelam tells Meet Hooda that she won't be able to save Meet Ahlawat even with the anecdote.

The family gets angry at Neelam's words while Meet Hooda says that she believes in her love for Meet Ahlawat.

The police comes there just then and arrests Neelam while Meet Hooda sees that Meet Ahlawat has become unresponsive and cries for the doctor.

The doctor takes Meet Ahlawat upstairs while Neelam laughs and says that she will win even is she lose by having to go to jail.

Just then, Babita comes in front of Neelam and slaps her while telling her that she punished Meet Hooda so much because of her.

Babita keeps on slapping Neelam while Neelam gets angry and tries to slap her back but the handcuffs restrain her hands.

Meet Hooda comes forward and slaps Neelam for many reasons like taking advantage of her mental health and faking it, hitting Raj and putting Meet Ahlawat in sure dire condition.

Meet Hooda keeps on slapping Neelam while Raj tells her to not dirty her hands by hitting Neelam and to let the police take care of her.

The police take away Neelam while the Ahlawat family hugs each other for finally getting away from the problems.

Just then, the warden from the hospital comes there and tells them that he has brought the anecdote.

However, after sometime, the doctor comes back downstairs and tells the family that they are too late as the anecdote does not seem to be working on the patient.

Meet Hooda rushes upstairs in tears and sits beside her husband telling him that he cannot leave her on the day of their anniversary.

Meet Hooda and the remaining family members plead for Meet Ahlawat to wake up while Babita leaves from there saying that God can't do this to her.

She goes to the temple and prays for her son while telling the god that a child is the most precious thing for their mother and begs for her child's life back.

The remaining ladies come there and sit with Babita.

Meanwhile, Meet Hooda tells Meet Ahlawat to wake up as he had promised her that he will come back even from death upon her one call.

Meet Hooda holds his hand and then leave the room to go to the temple.

There, she lights a diya in her hand and stands holding it in front of the god while Ragini stands up and starts blowing the Shankh.

Just then, Hoshiyaar comes there and tells the family members that Meet Ahlawat has regained consciousness.

However, Meet Hooda falls unconscious while the family members wake her up.

Meet Hooda rushes to Meet Ahlawat's room and sits beside him while Raj tells her that the power of true love brought back Meet Ahlawat.

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