Meet 6th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 6th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 6th February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 6th February 2023 episode starts with Manmeet talking to himself about taking revenge from Meet while claiming that a heart connection always carries destruction with it.

At the same time, Meet's head rewinds up with the thoughts about Manmeet making her fall in love to make her his wife for just a day to take revenge.

Manmeet laughs at how easily Meet has fallen for him in his game of net, while, on seeing this, her heart shatters into pieces and she suddenly enters his room by giving him a tight slap on his face.

Meet tells Manmeet that this slap is also for the betrayal, planning, and cleverness shown by the Sarkar family, while, Babita asks Meet about which plan is she talking about it.

Meet tells Babita about Manmeet being the son of Sarkar and Jasodha and lying to her about his cut hand so that Meet could get manipulated easily and agree to marry him, paving the way for his revenge.

This leaves Meet's whole family shocked while Babita still believes it to be a lie and asks Manmeet to accept that everything is a lie.

However, Manmeet gets enraged and tells them he doesn't feel a bit shame to say that all of it is a plan of take revenge on Meet.

Due to all this, Babita suffers a cardiac arrest and falls down.

At the same time, Meet realizes that all of this is just her imagination and she runs in midway to see her family and Manmeet happily greeting each other downstairs.

On the other hand, Gudwanti talks to Jasodha about her fast opening while steaming her hair due to which 46 food items are being prepared for Jashodha to open her fast.

At Ahlawat Mansion, Babita discusses with Raj how lucky Meet is to have a second Meet Ahlawat in her life as all the empty space of Meet will be now fulfilled by Manmeet and Meet Hooda would live happily ever after.

Babita asks Meet and Manmeet to come downstairs for her leaving for Sarkal Mahar.

Meanwhile, Jasodha threatens Swapna and Molki by hitting her hand with a roller as Swapna disturbed her sleep.

Jasodha reminds Swapna that this is Sarkar's sleeping time and hits her again for throwing the plate. 

When Molki also laughs, Jasodha hits her with a chapatti roller too as none of them could give birth to a boy

Jasodha asks her son, Mahindra to record the video of Meet's condition after getting married to Manmeet to set an example for other women, that this would happen to them if anyone tries to stand against Sarkar's.

Upstairs, a woman says to Meghana that Meet is different from other women and she would not bend her head in front of Sarakar's .

Meanwhile, Meet again starts thinking about how blindly she trusted Manmeet and how he deceived her into thinking that he is a good man.

Meet also thinks that Babita is not able to see through Manmeet's acting as she sees Meet Ahlawat in him.

Babita praises Manmeet for coming as the second Meet Ahlawat in Meet's life while Meet decides that even if God forgives Manmeet for his sins, she would still never accept his apology and vows to take revenge on him.

Meet promises Babita to take care of herself and Manmeet's family as no needle can pinch while Meet is present.

Babita asks Manmeet if he wants, he can stay at their place, however, Manmeet declines and tells them that he doesn't want any burden on them.

Internally, Meet prepares herself to teach Manmeet a lesson as his decision to take her to Sarkar Mahal would be the worst decision of his life yet.

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