Meet 6th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 6th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 6th June 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 6th June 2023 episode starts with Chiku and Sarkar both approaching the door from both sides.

Just then, Sarkar opens the door and checks if Shagun has come back and goes back inside.

Sumeet takes Chiku behind the flower pot and forbids him to go inside the house as Sarkar is there, so Chiku explains that Meet has lost consciousness and he needs water for her.

Then, Sumeet starts coughing in front of everyone and Samrat hands over the water bottle.

Samrat asks her where she is going, and she replies that she needs fresh air and goes outside.

Further, Sumeet and Chiku try waking Meet up and Meet wakes up and Meet asks Sumeet to return inside quickly.

On the other hand, Shagun sees a lighter in the car and somehow manages to get it and unties herself with the help of lighter.

Meanwhile, Masoom finds out about Meet's whereabouts and realizes that Manmeet has misguided Shagun to the wrong place. 

Further, Shagun successfully unties herself and rushes in her jeep along with her goons.

In the meantime, Sumeet and Vani are having lunch and few people intentionally turns the light off to scare them with scary voices.

They ask Sumeet to tell them where Meet and Chiku are but she denies and unable to tolerate the noises Vani faints.

A worried Masoom tries to wake Vani up while Shagun reveals her face and forces Sumeet to tell her where Meet and Chiku are, but she remains quiet.

Masoom gets frustrated while telling her that Meet is inside the dicky of Sarkar's car and tells Shagun to leave them alone. 

Further, Shagun, along with Sarkar, rides Sarkar's car and heads for somewhere.

Sumeet starts crying as the car leaves, while Hoshiyaar comes and asks her what happened at the same time Manmeet also arrives.

Sumeet tells them everything and Manmeet starts running behind the car.

Meanwhile, Shagun and Sarkar stop the car and get off, while Shagun goes up to the dicky.

Shagun opens the dicky surprising Meet and Chiku while telling them to get out of there.

Further, Shagun tells Meet that she has won and starts pulling Chiku in his arms while Meet is also holding him.

Just then, Meet sees a metal rod and throws it at Shagun's feet to hurt her.

Meet grabs the opportunity to run away and hides inside the store room with Chiku.

Shagun, Sarkar and Mahendra arrive and start looking for them and find them afterwards and Mahendra firmly holds Chiku and takes him away.

Meet warns Mahendra to leave Chiku and takes him back, but then Shagun throws flour at her eyes and Mahendra gets hold of Chiku again and takes him to Sarkar and Shagun.

Meanwhile, Manmeet arrives and requests Mahendra to give Chiku back.

Meet puts her hands together and begs Shagun to give Chiku back, while Manmeet does the same.

Sarkar reveals that he is the mastermind behind all of this and Shagun is just doing what he has told her to do.

He, further, tells them that Shagun will return Chiku if Sarkar tells her to, but because of that, he has a condition and Manmeet has to forsake Sumeet so that he will do that.

Manmeet forsakes Sumeet and Sarkar tells him that Manmeet has to go back to Sarkar mahal without Meet, which means they have to end their relationship if they want Chiku back.

Manmeet agrees to Sarkar's deal and sits on the ground in pain while Meet looks at Sarkar with tearful eyes.

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