Meet 6th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 6th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 6th October 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 6th October 2023 episode starts with Shlok putting the bags inside the car, while Sumeet shares her happiness with her helper about the Chaudharys getting happy since Shlok and Akki are going to return to India.

Naaz's admiration for Shah Rukh Khan

On the other hand, Shlok thanks Naaz for helping him, making Naaz thank Shlok too help for saving her life and also teaching him what true love is. 

Naaz further says that since now she has him, as a friend in India, she'll visit them whenever she wants to, adding that he can help her meet Shahrukh Khan. 

This makes Shlok laugh in an agreeable way, after which he gets ready to leave while Naaz requests Bilawal to help Shlok exit Pakistan smoothly.

Bilawal's Plan

Bilwal agrees, while his men ask him why despite Shlok being an enemy and fooling them, he is allowing him to leave India.

He then states that Shlok has manipulated Naaz, thus she is asking him to save Shlok but he has a plan to trap Shlok.

Bilawal further states that Sumeet destroyed all evidence against Shlok, thus he will trap Shlok in such a way that even the embassy won't save him.

After a while, Shlok and Akki leave while on the other hand, Sumeet gets worried about Shlok's safety since her mangalsutra broke off.

Pankhudi frames Sarthak

Back In India, the Chaudharys get shocked when Sarthak's phone rings, while Pankhudi hides her smirk.

Sarthak then requests everyone to trust him, saying that he would never stoop this low, but Pankhudi puts up an act by lashing out at Sarthak for hitting Priyanka's dignity and throwing him out of the house. 

Pankhudi then cries loudly blaming her fate, while in Pakistan, Sumeet packs her things. 

Sumeet suspects Bilawal

While packing, Sumeet sees an alone Naaz struggling to take care of herself, after which she inquires Naaz about the medicine she has to have.

Naaz then tells Sumeet to check the file, making Sumeet obey her words and after a while, she is shocked to see Shlok's real signature.

This makes Sumeet recall Bilawal's words, and she informs Naaz that Bilawal learned Shlok's truth, further suspecting that he must be planning something against Shlok.

Sumeet urges her to call Bilawal, leading Naaz to call Bilawal, but gets worried when he does not answer her call.

Naaz suggests Sumeet learn about Bilawal's location through his walkie-talkie, following which Sumeet agrees and walks away.

Bilawal's men attack Sumeet 

Suddenly, Bilawal's men attack Sumeet, who then sends a video to Bilawal, and to trigger Shlok, he deliberately plays the video in front of him.

Bilawal then orders his men to kill Sumeet, while Shlok decides to save Sumeet at any cost.

In the meantime, Pankhudi feigns leaving the house, despite her having recorded Priyanka by using Sarthak's phone, unbeknownst to anyone.

Pankhudi to execute her next plan

She further victimizes herself, while on the other hand, Pankhudi and Poonam request her not to leave but Pankhuri refuses. 

However, Pankhudi plans to stop only if Raj stops her, but Raj remains silent, he then receives a call from the embassy and learns about Shlok and Akki's return.

Raj happily informs the Chaudharys, following which everyone gets happy and after a while, Raj asks Pankhudi to not leave the premises.

Hearing Raj, Pankhudi stops midway and in her mind, decides to execute her next plan, while in Pakistan, Shlok takes Bilawal's pistol and holds him at gunpoint.

Shlok threatens Bilawal 

Shlok then urges Bilwal to take him to the temple, while Dadu gets confused by Shlok's behaviour and questions him.

This leads Shlok to reveal his real identity, after which he orders the driver to take him to the temple where Bilwal plans to kill Sumeet.

Meanwhile, Bilawal's men bring an unconscious Sumeet to the temple and pour petrol on her.

Sumeet and Shlok are trapped

In a while, Shlok arrives and saves Sumeet, and furious at the things going on, he pours petrol into Bilawal's vehicle.

Shlok lits a matchstick to light up Bilawal's jeep, but Sumeet stops him, leading Bilawal to mock both Sumeet and Shlok since they have fallen prey to his plan.

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