Meet 7th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 7th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 7th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 7th March 2023 episode starts with Meet trying to console Anuja to refrain from taking the horrendous decision of hers.

Anuja simply looks at Meet and tells her that she is just a hypocrite who has come to Sarkarpur with the only motive of gaining the factory papers.

Angry tears flow from her eyes as she tells her about the hellish conditions in which the women of Sarkaarpur are living, and will continue to live, for they don't have a chance to run away as Meet does.

She tells her that by becoming a man, all happiness will come to her and Sundari.

Meet is stunned by hearing the sharp words spoken by Anuja, and quietly leaves too, but with an unsettled mind.

However, her bike stops in front of a Bhagavad Gita Pandaal program, where the intense light strains her eyes.

She hears the voice of the Saint speaking through the speaker saying that one should never run away from doing his duties.

Suddenly, it incurs to her why her Meet Ahlawat wanted to make a factory in Sarkaarpur.

It is not to just build an industry run by women, Meet Ahlawat wanted to change the whole mindset of the people living in Sarkaarpur who still think that women are just delicate creatures who are required to be taken care of.

She remembers Meghana and the hope in her eyes when she sees her, for a better tomorrow.

Meet makes up her mind and takes the decision to not run away from her duty anymore.

She decides to bring a renaissance in the thinking pattern of the people of Sarkaarpur, to an extent that they would all together join the inauguration of her factory in the future. 

Thanking Lord Krishna's painting, she once again resumes her journey, but this time with an enlightened perspective.

In Sarkaar Mahal, Sarkar reminds Manmeet that the next day would be an important day, and he must make sure to remove the girl from the village.

On the other hand, Sapna is extremely worried, fearing history will repeat itself if she has a girl growing inside her womb. 

Narendra assures her that they would run away to the city this time if such circumstances come.

Suddenly, Gunwanti tells everyone that Anuja is not to be found in the room she is supposedly locked in.

Sundari is alarmed at hearing this, and they all go upstairs to see if Gunwanti is telling the truth.

Upon reaching the room they all are shocked to find Anuja timidly sitting in the room, looking at them.

However, they are even more shocked to find Meet tied to a chair.

Jashodha is horrified seeing that she hasn't gone yet, but does not show it.

Meet tells them all that it is she who has actually stolen the money and wanted to run away with it, but Anuja tied her up.

Actually, while coming back, Meet finds Anuja sitting alone and tells her that she would fight for her.

Manmeet refuses to believe this and roughly opens the ropes tying Meet and shaking her, asking what game she is trying to play now.

Meet just comes out of the room, leaving them in bewilderment.

The next day, in the courtyard, Jashodha just can't stop thinking of the words of the Swamiji.

She feared this to happen and did her best to avoid it, but in vain.

Meet brings her out of her thoughts, and sweetly smiles at her, saying that she would be her puppet from now on, flapping the factory papers.

Jashodha, who is already stressed that Meet would not be leaving them now, stares at her helplessly, while Meet brightly looks back at her.

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