Meet 7th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 7th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 7th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 7th May 2023 episode starts with Shagun shocking everyone by walking inside the door while holding the gift in her hand.

However, Manmeet tries to stop her by holding her hand but she rudely tells him to be careful while touching her as her husband will not like this.

After that, she gives the gift to Meet and tells her that she failed to enter Manmeet's life but she can at least get involved in his happy moments.

Further, Shagun arrogantly tells Meet that she is married to a rich man and had a baby boy.

Shagun keeps saying that if Meet will have a daughter, then they can marry her daughter to Shagun's son.

However, Meet hugs Shagun and asks if Shagun wil be a good mother-in-law.

After that, Meet returns Shagun's gift and tells her to leave as she doesn't want to see her face again.

Later, Jasodha asks Meet to keep the coconut in the temple and complete the ritual.

Meanwhile, Nitin surprises Shagun by telling that the fake coconut has an electrical component that will blast as soon as Meet touches it to the ground and the celebration will turn into a day of mourning for Sarkar's house.

However, Gunwanti overhears their conversation and rushes to tell Manmeet about it who is busy on a call.

Manmeet gets shocked and runs inside to look after Meet.

At the same time, Meet starts walking toward the temple with the coconut while muttering about her intuition, that something bad is about to happen.

Meet is about to put the coconut down, but Manmeet calls her name loudly and tells her to not touch the coconut on the ground as it has a bomb inside.

This shocks everyone and they run aside from Meet.

Suddenly, Meet slips from the stairs, and the coconut gets tossed in the air while she runs to catch it.

Finally, Meet holds the coconut in her hand while Manmeet grabs Meet safely and asks if her she is okay.

Meanwhile, Nitin gets irate and asks Shagun to leave as their plan failed.

At the same time, Manmeet runs outside to destroy the bomb and the Sangwan family follows him outside.

After a while, Manmeet throws the bomb into the well and it gets blasted there.

Just then, Shagun and Nitin try to escape but Manmeet grabs Nitin and starts hitting him with anger.

Further, Manmeet points a gun at Nitin while yelling with bursting anger and then asks his men to tie Nitin's hands and legs together.

Manmeet announces that he will throw Nitin in the well which is at the center of the Sarkarpur.

After a while, Meet starts having labor pain and Jasodha asks Manmeet to get her to the hospital.

Later, in the Sarkar Mahal, the atmosphere is full of joy and happiness as everyone seems excited to welcome Meet and her baby.

In a while, Meet and Manmeet walk in with their baby while the family welcomes them by dancing and showering flowers.

Jasodha and the other ladies take Meet inside after doing Arati and Jasodha mentions Meet's daughter as 'Lakshmi' while taking impressions of her footprint on a cloth.

On the other hand, Manmeet's eyes get filled with tears of happiness, and he excitedly gets all the gifts outside.

At that time, Sarkar arrives there and Manmeet walks to Sarkar while holding a baby in his arms.

Manmeet asks Sarkar to give blessings to the baby but Sarkar gets upset with him for breaking his rule for the girl's birth.

He leaves there by saying that Manmeet has gone against him.

Later, Meet tells Jasodha and Sunaina to suggest a name for the baby and everyone gets surprised as they speak the same name 'Sumeet'.

With a smile, Manmeet and Meet announce that their baby's name will be 'Sumeet'.

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