Meet 7th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 7th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 7th October 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 7th October 2023 episode starts with Bilawal telling Sumeet and Shlok that their games and lives have reached their end. 

He also tells Shlok that he has used Naaz’s emotions to make her help him and go against her brother whom she worships but he is not soft-hearted like Naaz. 

He tells them that he has caught them like the rats they are and will also kill them like rats. 

On the other hand, Raj prepares Sumeet's room in anticipation of her return and thinks about all the moments they spent together since childhood. 

Talking to Sumeet’s frame, he tells her that he will never let her get out of his sight after she returns. 

He puts the frame back but the frame falls down and his heart misses a beat, suspecting something is wrong while Pankhudi tells him not to worry as glass breaking brings good news. 

In the meantime, everyone, at Shlok’s house, is decorating the house to welcome Shlok and Sumeet when the bell rings. 

They open the door thinking that Shlok and Sumeet have arrived early but look worried to see a stranger.

The stranger tells Poonam and others that he has come from the secretariat office and has some bad news about Sumeet and Shlok. 

He tells them that Bilawal Khan has arrested Shlok and Sumeet on false charges and they will not be coming home any day soon. 

Poonam faints on hearing the traumatic news while Raj who has just arrived sits on the floor with weakened knees and shouts Sumeet’s name in agony. 

On the other hand, Sumeet and Shlok are taken in an open jeep while the crowd demands to hang the terrorists. 

Meanwhile, Sumeet tells Shlok that she has promised to take him home safely and with God on their side, no one can stop her from fulfilling her promise. 

After a while, the Jeep stops and the constable drags Sumeet and Shlok out of the Jeep while they fight to be freed. 

On being called stubborn, Sumeet tells Bilawal that they are not afraid because they have done nothing wrong while Bilawal tells her that today all her deceit and lies will come to light. 

He gives the chargesheet to a religious person and tells him to read aloud what these two have done and decide what should be their punishment. 

The religious person announces that Shlok is a spy and has been living in Bilawal’s house in disguise. 

Bilawal also tells everyone that Shlok and Sumeet planned to play with Naaz's feelings and Shlok raped her as well. 

On hearing that, the crowd becomes angry and begins to throw stones at Shlok and Sumeet who are shocked to hear Bilawal’s accusations. 

After a while, Bilawal tells the crowd that these two deserve even harsher punishment that will be a lesson to every Indian.

Sumeet and Shlok scream that they are innocent and tell them that they should call Bilawer’s sister whom they have saved instead of running away when they had the chance. 

The religious person tells Bilawal to call Naaz and her testimony will decide whether they are innocent or not. 

Bilawer calls Naaz while Sumeet feels hopeful that Naaz will tell the truth and they will be proven innocent. 

After a while, Naaz comes there looking scared and tells everyone that Shlok has raped her. 

Sumeet and Shlok look shocked and hopeless while Naaz recalls how Bilawal has blackmailed her by threatening to kill himself.

Meanwhile, the crowd once again demands to kill Shlok and Sumeet.  

Naaz comes to Sumeet and Shlok looking apologetic while Sumeet tells her that she does not need to explain herself and requests her to take care of Akki. 

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