Meet 8th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 8th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 8th August 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 8th August 2023 episode starts with Meet August 9 starts with Poonam telling Shlok that if he does not embrace the opportunity to rise from his lower financial status Sumeet will be the next person after Ashok's wife who'll leave him.

Meanwhile, Sumeet is on her way to the room and finds Poonam and Shlok in a deep conversation.

Sumeet says that she had been searching for Shlok all this time and wanted to talk to Poonam too.

She gradually goes out with Poonam leaving Shlok in his own room to adore all the pictures and medals of his talent.
Contrarily, Sumeet enquires about Poonam being sad to which she mentions how can she be happy when she knows that Shlok is paying such a huge price to be with her.

In the meantime, Poonam gives Sumeet flight tickets insisting she leaves Shlok and never returns.

Sumeet keeps asking Poonam to share Shlok's sacrifice, but Poonam promises to protect Shlok's image. After Sumeet insists again, Poonam agrees to tell everything but stops when Shlok signals her not to.

After persuading Sumeet to depart, he once again talks to Poonam about Sumeet's sacrifices. He urges her not to reveal that Shlok is the "wonder boy."

He mentions Sumeet's selflessness and her detachment from richness since she knows that it's the little things which always matter.

Poonam then tells Shlok that she'll leave all this matter looking up towards Sumeet.

She further tells Shlok to not come to her with his issues and leaves and Shlok seeing Sumeet goes up to her.

After reaching up Shlok insists Sumeet join him for some work while Sumeet still wonders about Shlok's sacrifices.

After a long wait, Sumeet finally gets a Griha Pravesh in which Poonam insists in her next rule that she has to now put one plate on another signifying her relationship with others in the family.

Sumeet goes forward with the task carefully balancing the plates and puts on another plate with Dadi cheering for her.

While Poonam's other daughter-in-law confesses to Sumeet messing up in her venture since she has oiled the last plate shocking Poonam.

Sumeet on her venture to put the last plate almost misses it but eventually becomes successful.

Both Shlok and Sumeet take blessings from Dadi and Poonam and Dadi finally confesses to having given Sumeet a magnet thus keeping the plates intact.

Anju regards it as cheating to which Dadi states it's not cheating but sheer intelligence needed for household matters.

At night Shlok makes coffee for Sumeet who compliments Shlok's skills but still has her thoughts on Poonam's words.

She insists Shlok tell her the truth but Shlok insists she to drink the coffee adding that Poonam was just stressed.

Sumeet then shoves the matter off stating her childhood fantasy which includes her husband singing for her and asking Shlok to do the same.

Shlok gets tensed about Sumeet getting to know about the wonder boy truth and adds that he can't sing.

Sumeet keeps insisting adding to Shlok's worries while Poonam looks at them through a corner from the window.

Shlok mentions his inability when Sumeet tells him to hum a song leading Shlok to disagree again.

Shlok goes away while Sumeet wonders about his behavior joining parallels with Poonam's words concluding that Shlok is hiding something from her.

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