Meet 8th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 8th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 8th February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 8th February 2023 episode starts with Manmeet removing the veil of the women and is shocked to see Shagun. 

He quickly frees her mouth and takes off the shoe garland while Meet enjoys the glass of lassi. 

Shagun tells them that she was kidnapped on her way to the parlour by SP Bhati.

She also tells them they interchanged her when Manmeet's car broke down.

Meet tells Manmeet not to get angry as it is just a payback for what they did to her. 

Manmeet tells her that she could not do much as she is still his bride and Jasodha’s daughter-in-law. 

However, Meet tells her that no one will accept that marriage as legal or binding. 

She tells him she is still Meet Hooda Ahlawat. 

Meet handovers the holy chain and wedding Dupatta to Manmeet, telling him to put it in the museum saying she defeated her. 

Meet tells Mahindra to not try and stop her as SP is waiting outside with his force and will put each one of them behind bars if she is not out in 20 minutes.  

Later, Manmeet assures Jasodha that Meet will come back to them with a bent head and defeated spirit. 

Meanwhile, Meet is sad about Babita who will feel betrayed by Manmeet’s lies. 

However, Inspector Bhati is already there, explaining everything to Babita and Rajvardhan. 

Babita apologizes to Meet for forcing her into marriage with Manmeet. 

Meet hugs her and tells her that it is not her fault while Babita says that she failed her as a mother after seeing Meet Ahlawat in Manmeet. 

Meet tells her that every daughter-in-law will be proud to have her as a mother-in-law. 

She tells her that nothing has changed yet and they will continue to work for Meet Ahlawat’s dream.

She tells her that they will have to start the work of the factory with double enthusiasm and speed so that the factory can get ready in two months. 

Meanwhile, Babita and Rajvardhan look shocked and show Meet the partnership papers with Manmeet. 

Babita tells her that they believed his lies and made him the partner in the factory. 

Meanwhile, Manmeet shows Sarkar the partnership papers of the factory. 

Meanwhile, the inspector tells her that she cannot start the work until Manmeet agrees. 

However, Meet tells them that no matter what happens she will get this factory set up. 

Meanwhile, Manmeet tells Sarkar and Jasodha that Meet's passion for the factory will bring her to her knees and back to Jasodha’s feet.  

Elsewhere, Raj tells Meet that this factory will not start here as Meet Ahlawat’s dream was about creating a factory for women and it does not matter where that factory is. 

However, Meet tells him that Meet Ahlawat had promised Chanda that the factory will be in her village and she will see to it.

However, Rajvardhan scolds Meet and tells her that Meet Ahlawat saved her because her life is precious to them and he cannot risk it. 

He also tells her that from tomorrow, they will start looking for a new place for the factory and will forget everything that has happened here. 

He also emotionally blackmails her saying to respect his wishes because of the love she has for them. 

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