Meet 8th January 2023 Written Update

Meet 8th January 2023 Written Update

Meet 8th January 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 8th January 2023 episode starts with Meet Ahlawat getting Meet Hooda away from the ice block while she shivers from the cold.

Meet Ahlawat tries to heat her body as he tells Meet Hooda to stay strong.

He cries as he tells Meet Hooda that she will have to handle herself as he has to go outside or they will doubt them.

In the hall, the terrorist demand someone to wake up and get water for her while No.3 stands up and goes to wake them up.

However, Meet Ahlawat wakes up himself and gets water for them along with a bottle of alcohol.

Meet Ahlawat further traps the lady terrorist in his plan and makes her drink the alcohol.

On the other hand, Meet Hooda plans to escape from the operation room but sees that the Chief is guarding the outside.

Elsewhere, Meet Ahlawat starts dancing with the lady terrorist and entertaining her to stop her from going to check on the commander.

All this while, the hostages continue to make their escape slide by sewing the fabrics together.

Meet Hooda throws a knife on the other side of the room and distracts the Chief while she goes to the escape room.

Meet Ahlawat again lures the lady terrorist to drink and goes away with the excuse to bring the bottle.

The terrorists think to make the hostages wake up and make them dance to their tunes while Meet Ahlawat goes to Meet Hooda.

Meet Ahlawat asks her if she's fine while she tells them that their freedom will heal their wounds.

Just then, Chanda comes there and blesses them while saying that she will tell the villagers that all girls should be like Meet Hooda.

Meet Ahlawat gets a plan and tells Meet Hooda that they should open their factory in Chanda's village and Meet Hooda agrees.

Meanwhile, the chief comes to the hall and asks the terrorists about No.3 while No.2 says that he must be stuck in the bathroom.

Furher, No.2 goes to check on Meet Ahalawat.

Elsewhere, Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat manage to set up the escape slide and start helping the hostages escape from the hospital.

Priya stops and hugs Meet Hooda while Meet Hooda hurries her to go first.

However, No.2 manages to escape and comes to the hall where he tells the Chief everything.

Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat manage to get all the hostages out while she remembers that the doctor is still inside the operation room.

Just then, the door opens and No.3 looks at both of them with wide eyes.

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