Meet 8th June 2022 Written Update

Meet 8th June 2022 Written Update

Meet 8th June 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 8th June 2022 episode starts with Babita making Halwa for Meet and ordering the servant to serve some to Meet Hooda.

While the servant is busy, Shantanu adds some power to the Halwa and hides while the servant returns.

Elsewhere, Meet Hooda circles her room wondering about the motive for Shantanu getting out of the rehab center while the servant comes there and gives her the Halwa.

Meet Hooda is about to eat the Halwa but stops and calls inspector Manveer of the Haryana police station.

She manipulates him and manages to convince him to check the criminals in the rehab center.

Manveer calls Shantanu and demands him to return to the Rehab center immediately while Meet Hooda sees the live CCTV footage of Manveer talking to Shantanu.

Meet Hooda concludes that Shantanu has gotten out to complete some task when Meet Ahlawat suddenly comes there and hugs Meet Hooda.

He scolds her saying that the incidents in the past day are making him anxious when he sees the footage on Meet Hooda's phone.

Meet Hooda accepts that Shantanu has gotten free and tells him that she has to go to the police station to look into it.

However, Meet Ahlawat makes a barrier at the door with toys and tells Meet Hooda that she will not pass the barrier without his permission.

He gets frantic and tells Meet Hooda that her main priority right now should be the safety of their baby and tells her to not leave the room.

Elsewhere, Babita thinks to ask Paramji about making Khichadi anymore when Shantanu and his goons come there with their luggage.

The goon lies that they are requested at the Aashram and leave.

Back at the room, the servant comes to take the laundry from Meet Hooda's room while she notices the blood on one of the bed sheets and questions the servant.

The servant reveals that the bed sheet is from Paramji's (Shantanu) room.

Meet Hooda calls Paramji and soon realizes that it was Shantanu who had come to their house to kill her.

She gets suspicious of the Halwa and dumps it in the dustbin while Ragini comes there and tells her that she will call her for lunch once Meet Ahlawat returns.

Meet Hooda gets confused and learns that Meet Ahlawat has gone to drop off Paramji (Shantanu) making her worry.

Elsewhere, Shantanu's goons hit Meet Ahlawat on the head and hold him back as Shantanu reveals his identity.

Meet Hooda tries to call Meet Ahlawat while he is getting beaten by Shantanu's goons.

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