Meet 8th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 8th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 8th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 8th March 2023 episode starts with Jashodha being pulled out of her nightmare by Manmeet and Sarkar calling her out.

Jashodha blinks her eyes and looks at them, coming back to reality from her horrid dream.

Manmeet asks if she is alright to which she quietly replies in affirmation and goes to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Sundari sobs after hearing what Anuja went through and rushes to go pray for her. 

Anuja stops her and requests her to also pray for Meet, who requires more prayers than her, as she is supposed to wrestle with Manmeet today. 

Manmeet intently stares at the pieces of jewellery which Meet bought along with her when they married.

Sarkar asks what he is up to and he replies that he strongly feels that Meet is trying to hide something from them, as money has never been a problem for her as she is quite well-off.

Sarkar reminds him that only 4 hours are remaining for the wrestling match, and he should brush himself up.

On the other hand, Jashodha is still trembling at the thought of Meet who would definitely try to blackmail her and breaks a ceramic pot by mistake.

She hurriedly picks the broken pieces up and almost cuts herself when Meet comes to her rescue, picking the rest of the pieces up.

Seeing Meet, her fear is replaced by sheer anger and regret as she chastises her, telling that she has given her the factory papers pitying her husband who is dead.

However, she has still come back to ruin their lives.

Meet is calm and tells Jashodha that while going away from Sarkarpur, she has realized that this is her family now and would like to continue living with them.

She hands the factory papers over to Jashodha, who is dumbstruck seeing Meet’s unpredictable moves.

However, she quickly snatches the papers away from her and shreds them to pieces, throwing them out of the window.

Jashodha is now relieved that she has no guilt within her and rudely tells Meet that they can never become a family, for she is nothing like them from head to toe, and leaves, fully believing that Manmeet would destroy Meet today.

Meet has made up her mind to change their thoughts, but she doesn't know how to do it as it seems close to impossible.

She goes to see how her opponent is preparing, and finds Manmeet vigorously practicing with the dumbbells as if preparing to cripple her in the match.

Just then, she gets a call from Chanda who tells her to come to her place.

When Meet goes out, the women stare at her with mean eyes talking amongst themselves, that the girl Meet Hooda would also sink down the little self-respect they have by being defeated.

Meet ignores them all and rushes to meet Chanda.

Chanda asks her accusingly why she didn’t run away after getting the factory papers.

Upon hearing Meet’s answer, she gets emotional and mildly scolds her for being so kind to everyone.

She suggests that she has a “jugaad” (shortcut) that can help Meet win the match and comes back with a small container.

She tells her that the case contains itching powder, which starts working within half an hour of application.

Meet smiles at Chanda for the brilliant idea, now confident that she holds a chance against the mighty wrestler.

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