Meet 8th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 8th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 8th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 8th May 2023 episode starts with the story taking a leap of five years.

Amma compliments Meet and praises her for completing Meet Ahlawat's dream of a women-only operated factory.

Meet looks at Manmeet telling Amma that the dream is gotten completed because of him only.

She goes to him while he admires the factory board and tells Meet that her dream is finally complete now.

He turns to Jasodha and asks him about Sarkar while Jasodha tells him that nothing is more important to him than his havan.

Just then, the Pandit informs Jasodha that the Kalash is not there and tells her that the veneration of the factory cannot happen without it.

Narendra goes to check the car while Meet realizes that both Sumeet and her bicycle are missing.

The couple gets worried while on the other hand, Sumeet is seen putting the Kalash in her bicycle's basket and riding towards the factory.

Meet worries about Sumeet while she and Manmeet both get shocked to see her coming towards them, riding a bicycle.

She starts scolding Sumeet while Sumeet tells them that she had gone to get the Kalash from home.

Meet continues scolding her when Sumeet tells her to lend and kisses her cheek to calm her down.

Jasodha comes there just then and starts ranting to them while Sumeet gives her the Kalash and makes her happy.

Later, the veneration starts and Meet and Sumeet both sit in the crane as they sit and start the vehicle.

Sumeet gets excited thinking that it's magic while Meet tells her that it's the magic of mechanical science.

Back at home, Mahendra tells Gunwanti that Meet's factory will go into debt while telling her to pray that her tender for an alcohol factory is approved.

As the veneration starts Manmeet, Meet, and Sumeet sit for the Pooja while Sarkar also goes the Havan in the home hoping for a way to get rid of Meet.

Elsewhere, a boy is seen running away from goons who has the same mark on his hand as Meet's first baby and the locket that Meet's mother had put on the baby.

The priest asks about how many children they have and Meet says two while Manmeet says one.

Silence looms over them and Jasodha tells the priest that Meet and Manmeet have time to have more children.

Meet thinks about her firstborn who she failed to save while Sumeet sees the boy hiding in the crane and goes to him.

The goons talk among themselves saying that the Minister and his wife, Kavita will kill them if they cannot find the boy.

Sumeet forms an idea and climbs into the crane trying to operate it the same way that Meet did.

However, her tiny body does not have enough power to lift the handle after which she calls another servant and tells him to help her.

She manages to hide the boy who is hiding in the crane from goons by lifting it before they can spot him.

Once the goons are gone, Sumeet puts the crane's claw back on the ground and tries to convince the boy to come out.

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