Meet 8th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 8th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 8th September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 8th September 2023 episode starts with Poonam sadly preparing Anand's shradh plate while Sumeet looks at her stating that she knows the emotional turmoil she's going through.

Hearing this, Poonam admits her helplessness since she can't get Shlok to conduct Anand's shradh.

However, Sumeet asks Poonam to not worry saying that she'll let him touch the shradh plate at least.

Later, Shlok and the Chowdhurys get together for Janmashtami preparations during which Raj goes to the tubewell.

Seeing Raj, Pankhudi follows him with a stole telling him that she's especially chosen it for him but Raj walks away.

Meanwhile, Sumeet handing the shradh plate asks Shlok to hold it since she has to check other things.

She gives the plate to Shlok thus making him hold it, during which Sumeet and Poonam smile at each other.

Afterwards, Shlok tries to remove the cloth of the plate but Poonam noticing it asks Sumeet to come with the plate after which Shlok isn't able to unveil the plate.

Later, Priyanka and Raj crash against each other making Raj apologize to Priyanka but Priyanka apologises instead.

She states that she was wrong about Raj's character making Raj tell her that whoever she chooses may it be from the core of her heart. 

Priyanka tells Raj that nothing is in her heart right now apart from Shlok winning Shagun's task making Raj assure her that things will be fine.

Inside, Poonam tells Sumeet that she'll do Anand's shradh while they are gone while outside, Shagun and Raunak see some masked drumsmen.

She unveils one of them and tells Raunak that by hook or by crook she'll tell Shlok about Anand's death.

She then threatens the masked men to unmask themselves otherwise the game will be deemed foul. 

Shagun then starts the countdown but stops when she sees a masked person approaching her.

This makes her silent while the masked person is followed by another line of masked people who ultimately remove their masks.

They are revealed to be the Chowdhurys and Raj while Shagun seeing this, tries to approach them but can't push in through the drumsmen.

Shagun aiming to tell Shlok the truth goes up the stage while Sumeet gets an instinct that Shagun's up to no good.

Shagun announces that she has to confess something to Shlok but Raj snips off the microphone wire.

Sumeet asks everyone to focus on the game but Shlok enquires Sumeet about Shagun's actions.

She asks him to not pay attention to her during which Shlok wonders about Anand's whereabouts. 

On the other hand, Shagun screams for Shlok but on the other side, Shlok calls Anand continuously. 

Akash's phone vibrates but he hangs up the call while Sumeet seeing Shlok's helplessness silently states that she's sorry.

Shlok gets restless but Sumeet, asks him to focus on the game.

The game starts while Shagun and Raunak's constant efforts to reach Shlok fail miserably. 

Sumeet slips but Shlok saves her while Shagun thinks of doing something so that Sumeet loses the task. 

From behind, a priest enquires about Poonam's home thus leading Shagun to know that Poonam has called the priest.

At Chowdhurys, Poonam receives a call from the priest stating that she has to do the puja in the north and she agrees.

Outside, Raunak gives money to the priest following which the priest walks away.

At the game, Sumeet and Shlok reach the top and get the coconut on the pot.

Poonam starts Anand's puja while Shagun whispers something in Raunak's ear making him run briskly.

Suddenly, a flash interrupts Shlok ultimately leading him to see Anand's shradh.

Sumeet gets horrified while Shagun takes a water pot goes around Poonam and breaks it.

Shlok gets numb and falls breaking the pyramid making Poonam cry out despairingly.

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