Meet 9th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 9th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 9th February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 9th February 2023 episode starts with the broker informing the Ahlawat's about the new land where they can build Meet Ahlawat's dream factory.

Meet Hooda recalls Meet Ahlawat telling her that it is his dream to build a women-only operated factory and apologizing for not being able to complete his dream.

Just then, Manmeet and Jasodha come there while playing Dhol and taunt Meet Hooda, asking her if she wants a Kesar Lassi.

Babita and Raj stop Manmeet while Manmeet tells Jasodha to handle them.

Jasodha tells Raj and Babita to interfere with the couple and pushes them away from Meet Hooda.

Manmeet starts taunting Meet Hooda and calls her a coward for leaving the land while they joke that Meet Hooda's courage hid when they fought against him.

Jasodha calls out to all the ladies who had supported Meet Hooda and tells them what their support has caused.

She reveals that Chanda's husband has left her and has also taken their child with him while the rest of the three cannot even get a single meal.

Jasodha makes the ladies shout in Sarkar's name and further gives Meet Hooda money, telling her to take it as charity for her factory.

Manmeet continues taunting Meet Hooda, telling her that she should hide her face since she couldn't even complete the dream of the husband who gave up his life for her.

Meet Hooda gets influenced by those words and runs out where the winds are blowing very heavily.

Meet Hooda runs to the temple and also falls over a stone as she asks Goddess why she was born an independent woman when she had to fail in front of a man like Sarkar.

Meanwhile, at Sarkar's mansion, Manmeet keeps on thinking about Meet Hooda when his Shagun comes there and asks him if he has fallen in love with Meet Hooda.

Back at the temple, Meet Hooda tells the Goddess that she has failed and asks why is she silent while the evil is winning over the good.

Meet Hooda cries that her belief and her hope will end today if she does not get an answer.

Just then, the bells in the temple start ringing while the crazy lady comes from behind the Goddess' statue, clapping and laughing.

On the other hand, Manmeet assures Shagun that he loves her and will not love Meet Hooda even if she is the last lady on the face of the earth.

Shagun asks him why he is so focused on Meet Hooda then and Manmeet tells her that he is doing everything for the promise his mother has made.

Just as they are about to romance, they get a knock from Sarkar on their door.

Shagun leaves from there while Sarkar tells Manmeet that they need to do something to make sure that Meet Hooda does not leave her stubbornness to get the factory made in Sarkarpur.

At the same time, the crazy lady tells Meet Hooda that she has no right to question the Goddess if she cannot fight against the person who brought her tears.

The crazy lady disappears while Meet Hooda falls to her knees and asks the goddess what she should do.

A heavy wind blows the Sindoor (vermillion) into Meet Hooda's face and hair while Meet Hooda pulls out her locket and sees the picture of her and Meet Ahlawat.

She puts the locket back in her pocket and says that now she will follow Goddess's advice and will show Manmeet a lesson.

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