Meet 9th June 2022 Written Update

Meet 9th June 2022 Written Update

Meet 9th June 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 9th June 2022 episode starts with Shantanu taking Meet Ahlawat's phone from his pocket as the goons thrash him.

Shantanu is about to pick up Meet Hoods's call but Meet Ahlawat kicks his hand making the phone fly away.

However, the call gets connected and Meet Hooda hears everything.

She apologizes to Meet Ahlawat and breaks the barrier at the door to go save him.

Later, as Shantanu is about to kill Meet Ahlawat, Meet Hooda comes there with safety gear and starts fighting with the goons.

One goon accidentally hits the other one and they start arguing while Meet Hooda takes advantage and starts thrashing both of them.

Further, Meet Hoods talks to her baby and asks if the baby wants her to throw the bamboo stick behind her and she does so which hits Shantanu.

Back at the Ahlawat house, Masoom complains to Babita that Meet Hooda has run away from home breaking Meet Alhawat's promise.

Babita calls the police station but the constable informs her that Meet Hooda didn't come to the police and suggests that she might have gone to arrest Shantanu as he has escaped from the rehab center.

Babita orders him to track Meet Hooda's location and send it to her.

Angrily, Babita tells Masoom to come to the location with her and gets shocked to see Meet Hoods crying.

They both see traces of blood and think that Meet Hooda's baby is no more which infuriates Babita.

Babita and Masoom start berating Meet Hooda when Meet Ahlawat comes there and reveals the truth to them.

Feeling grateful to his wife, Meet Ahlawat says that he saw Meet Hooda fight and that he is only alive today because of her.

Babita hesitantly asks about the baby and Meet Hooda makes her feel the kicks to assure her that the baby is alright.

Later, at the Ahlawat mansion, the family shows their gratitude to Meet Hooda and praises her.

Sunaina is about to give good news but Babita interrupts her and questions Meet Hooda about why she was crying when they saw her.

However, Raj stops Meet Hooda from answering and later urges Meet Hooda to reveal the truth to everyone, especially Babita which confuses everyone.

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