Meet 9th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 9th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 9th June 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 9th June 2023 episode starts with Meet telling Manmeet to think about what she has said.

He tells her that he will think about it later since he has to worry about the admission.

He states his concern about the kids not getting admission due to his Pehalwan Buddhi.

However, Meet tells him that he is very smart and Raj comes there just then.

Meet makes Raj sit down and asks him questions regarding himself.

However, when Meet asks him about his father's name, Raj gets silent.

Meet smiles as she tells him that his father's name is Manmeet Sangwan.

Elsewhere, Mahendra sits on the throne and announces to the public that he is the new sarkar of Sarkarpur and has reinitiated all the old laws.

He nods the men as they drag away the bride.

Back in the room, Meet tells Manmeet that she thinks he should support Sarkar and that he needs him.

However, Manmeet states that Sarkar has other children who will take care of him.

On the other end, Mahendra smirks as he tells Sarkar to announce him as the next successor.

Sarkar refuses to do that making Mahendra angry.

He tells Sarkar that Jasodha's freedom depends on him now and locks Jasodha in a room.

Mahendra tells Sarkar to announce him as the next successor if he wants to free Jasodha.

Later, Mahendra and Gunwanti bring Sarkar in front of the audience and tell them that he will become the new Sarkar of the town and talks ill about women saying that change brings chaos.

He whispers into Sarkar's ears to do the announcement while Meet and Manmeet come there shocking everyone.

Manmeet takes hold of Sarkar's wheelchair while Mahendra asks him why he is there.

However, Manmeet says that he is there because he is also Sarkar's son but Mahendra taunts that Sarkar has already announced him as the heir.

Before Mahendra can touch Sarkar, Meet stops him and tells him that even though he is the oldest son, he should let Sarkar and the people decide who is eligible to be the next Sarkar.

Mahendra states to the people that he will agree to the re-evaluation for the sake of the people and Sarkar.

Just then, Sarkar coughs making Manmeet rush to get water for him while he states that they should let Sarkar rest.

However, Meet leaves while Mahendra drags Sarkar's wheelchair to the front demanding him to announce the next successor.

As Sarkar starts speaking, Meet arrives there with Jasodha shocking Mahendra and Gunwanti.

Sarkar announces Meet Hooda/Sangwan as the next successor shocking everyone.

Flashback shows, Sarkar signaling Meet about Jasodha and Meet rushing home to save Jasodha and bring her back to the town hall.

Jasodha tells Meet about Mahendra's obsession while back in the present, Manmeet and others get happy hearing the news.

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