Meet 9th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 9th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 9th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 9th March 2023 episode starts with Meet sprinkling powder on ManMeet's garment, which he will wear during the wrestling competition.

Meet is well aware that she will not be able to defeat Manmeet in the wrestling competition, so she intends to win the competition by using her clever mind.

Meanwhile, Sundari and Anuja enter the room, and Sundari expresses gratitude to Meet for saving her daughter's life.

Anuja then claims that she wants Meet to win this competition.

As the three of them were leaving the room, they noticed all of the Gunias sitting on the cot, as Jashodha has invited them.

Meet then questions Sundari about what is going on, to which Anuja responds that when a woman is pregnant, a group of women is invited because they can tell whether the baby is a boy or a girl. 

She goes on to say that if they claim it will be a boy, it is celebrated by playing Dhol and bursting crackers, but if it is a girl, a group of women dressed in black moan in pain.

Jashoda then introduces Sapna to those groups of women, asking them to reveal the sex of the child.

Meanwhile, Meet devises a plan and secretly bursts all the crackers and throws them to where the ladies are sitting, causing them all to screech and flee.

Jashoda realizes Meet has burst the crackers and demands to know what she is doing.

Meet then brings one of the servants and requests that the women group reveal the sex of her baby.

The women's group murmurs some words and reveals the gender of the baby as female, to which Meet begins clapping her hands and laughing.

Meet informs everyone that the servant is not even pregnant, and the women are caught lying.

Meet orders them to leave immediately or she will immediately inform the cops and have them arrested.

As the women leave, Jashoda furiously claims about who will be the winner of the wrestling competition.

Later, Jashoda is taking warding off the evil eye of Manmeet and praying for his victory in the match, but Meet appears and requests Jashodha to take the evil eye off her too.

Jashoda tells Meet that a woman can only win by lying, using evil tactics, and having the backing of a man.

She then cuts the sack and confronts Meet about how she filled the sack with thermocol balls when she made everyone believe that she was mightier than Manmeet while practicing.

Jashoda insults Meet in front of everyone, claiming that by using such poor tactics to defeat Manmeet, she is only insulting herself and sending the message that women are weaker than men.

Meet is left speechless and broken hearing Jashodha's statement.

Jashodha asserts clearly and unambiguously that women have been, are, and will always be inferior to men, and they'll never be able to win a match.

Later, Sarkar tells Jashodha that he won't be able to attend Manmeet's wrestling while Jashodha thinks that trouble is about to hit their house.

Later, the whole Sangwan family reaches the wrestling arena, and the anchor thanks everyone for their presence.

As Manmeet enters the ring, Jashoda, Shagun, and the rest of the Sangwan family begin applauding and cheering for him.

Meanwhile, Meet enters the ring, and the competition begins as they stare furiously into each other's eyes.

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