Meet 9th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 9th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 9th September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 9th September 2023 episode starts with Sumeet encouraging Shlok to get up while from the other side, Poonam seeing Shlok traumatised, runs towards him.

Shlok gets traumatised 

However, she trips, during which a man wounds her hand and goes away.

Noticing Poonam, Ashok comes in to tend after her while Sumeet picks Shlok up.

Sumeet helplessly tries to get Shlok to win the task but Shlok is numb.

Seeing all this, Shagun comes up with a toy telling Sumeet that she'll need it but Sumeet throws the toy away.

Sumeet begs Shagun to leave after which Shagun walks away with Raunak.

The truth is revealed

Later, Dadi looking at Poonam clad in a white saree asks her about why she's wearing one making Poonam tell her about Anand's death.

Shlok's family cries on while Ashok adds that Anand had died three years ago but on his insistence and seeing Shlok's condition they didn't dare disclose the matter.

Dadi crying inconsolably tells Poonam and Ashok that they didn't do good by hiding Anand's death.

At the same time, Dadi accuses herself of not understanding that Anand is no more despite being his mother.

Amidst all this, Sumeet enters with Shlok and Poonam seeing this tries to get up but the pain holds her back.

Seeing this, Sumeet runs to Poonam to see if she's fine but Poonam has her gaze fixed on Shlok.

She extends out her hands to Shlok making him utter 'papa' after a long while and starts to take small steps, almost reaching Poonam.

The Chowdhurys get helpless

Unfortunately, Shlok runs forward followed by Sumeet while Poonam cries.

Upstairs, Shlok locks himself up in his room making Sumeet knock on the door stating that he can't break down.

Hearing the commotion, the Chowdhurys come upstairs after which they see Shlok seated on the bed pacing up and down.

This leads Poonam to break down following which she tells Dadi that Shlok was in the same condition three years back.

She states that Shlok seeing Anand's condition, disappeared for twelve hours after which she had to lie to the family stating that Shlok was at a friend's, even when he wasn't there.

In a flashback, it is revealed that Poonam and Ashok searched every nook and corner of Shlok's room.

However, after not getting him they were preparing to walk away but heard murmurs coming from a cupboard. 

Hurriedly, Poonam and Ashok opened the cupboard after which they saw a traumatized Shlok.

Poonam begs forgiveness from everyone during which Dadi tells Poonam that she doesn't want to lose Shlok the way she lost Anand.

Meanwhile, Shagun ecstatically screams out for the family making Sumeet come up to her.

She sympathizingly tells Sumeet that it must be hard to be the wife of an insane person.

Shagun opens up about Akki

Sumeet tells Shagun that Shlok isn't mad but Shagun shows her mental hospital contact cards stating that she may need them very soon.

Taking the cards, Sumeet throws them in the air during which Dadi curses Shagun for Shlok's condition.

After this, Shagun threatens Dadi stating that they better focus on the game since two hours are left, and walks away.

Meanwhile, Ashok pledges to finish off Shagun while outside, and Shagun gets inside the car.

Ashok opens the car door making Shagun ask if he's drunk otherwise she'll send in drinks. 

She closes the car door but Ashok pours petrol all over her car to lit up with fire.

Shagun warns him to not do so since Akki is with her but Rajeev and Anju say that Akki is with Nani. 

She calls up Raunak while from the den, Raunak shows Akki crying making Rajeev and Anju scared.

Sumeet's plan

Later, the Chowdhurys cry on inconsolably while Ashok states that he's a useless fellow.

Sumeet enters with a box telling the Chowdhurys that they've to stand strong and opens it, unveiling some clothes.

Poonam states that the clothes are Anand's following which Sumeet tells that she has a plan.

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