Meri Gudiya Written Update 11th January 2020: Raghav receives an award

Meri Gudiya Written Update 11th January 2020: Raghav receives an award

Meri Gudiya 11th January 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Meri Gudiya 11 Jan episode starts with Raghav thanking everyone for receiving the award. He gives the credit for the award to his daughter and his wife.

Raghav explains why he has brought Avi in the conference. He misses his wife Madhuri and says Avi is Madhuri’s shadow. He says the award belongs to Madhuri and Avi.

Ratri wishes to clear Madhuri’s name forever. Raghav says he has gained more projects after Avi’s arrival in his life and she is everything to him.

The chief guests give the award to Raghav and his hand continues to twitch. Later, Ratri introduces Raghav to her brother-in-law Dr. Rudraksh.

Avi asks Raghav to not stay there while Ratri says they can meet at dinner. Raghav takes Avi in a room to rest while she gives him three stars for the speech.

Ratri again meets Raghav and enquires why he is not swimming. Ratri wants to get close to Raghav and asks his help with her bracelet.

Avi comes and helps Ratri instead and asks Raghav to come with her for lunch. The doll Pari tears Ratri’s dress to keep her away from Raghav.

Rudraksh calls Adrika and wishes to bring the invisible force out in the open.

The written update of 11 January 2020 Meri Gudiya episode full story ends.

Upcoming Meri Gudiya episode update: Rudra brings Adrika and Ratri in his house as their house caught fire. 

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